[Phpmyadmin-devel] Configuration Storage not configured message appears too often

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 16:14:42 CET 2013


On 11/11/13 7:08 AM, Marc Delisle wrote:
> Le 2013-11-10 17:44, Isaac Bennetch a écrit :
>> I'm not sure if this is an intentional feature, but to me it seems
>> like something that should be improved. I removed all the lines about
>> the configuration storage from my config.inc.php then load my PMA
>> instance. I see the warning message that my configuration storage is
>> not completely configured. I don't recall a way to disable the display
>> of the message (for instance, setting VerboseCheck = false still gives
>> the message). I've encountered a user who doesn't have the tables
>> created, has no need of them, and wishes the message could be hidden,
>> which seems reasonable to me.
>> To me, it seems the check should only be done if the pmadb directive
>> is set. I understand wanting to notify the user that there are more
>> advanced features they can use, but not at the cost of displaying a
>> warning message in this instance.
>> Any other thoughts about this?
> Hi Isaac,
> see
> http://docs.phpmyadmin.net/en/latest/config.html?highlight=pmanorelation_disablewarning#cfg_PmaNoRelation_DisableWarning

Thanks. For some reason all my searches failed to find that.

> I think we really wanted to "advertise" these features,

True, but in this case the person asking ("inthl" on IRC) is involved in
a large hosting provider and doesn't want to alarm their users.

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