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Smita kumarismita62 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 09:54:14 CEST 2014


I came across the bug #4444 <http://sourceforge.net/p/phpmyadmin/bugs/4444/>
related to export feature for queries.
I'm not sure how exactly this feature is supposed to behave if we are
exporting rows with some but not all columns and also in case we have
aliases and even when we have join queries.

Assume we have tables:
actor (actor_id, first_name, last_name, city_id) with actor_id as primary
address (address_id, adress, city_id, city_id, district, postal_code,
phone) with address_id as primary key and phone have not null unique

1. when we select some but not all columns ex,
Select address_id, address from address:
when exported few of the rows, it have create table statement for table
'address' with all the original columns not just these two. and data from
just these two columns in the Insert statements. so here when the same
exported file, we wish to import back will not work as phone have unique
constraint and we are not inserting the phone values.
Also If user is seeing just two of the columns in the table structure at
screen so they might be doing export thinking that it will be exporting the
same structure as on the screen.

2. When we have aliases in column names:
ex: select actor_id, first_name as fname from actor;
So when we export few of the resultant rows, should the create table
statement have a column name first_name or fname ?. As I think of it,  It
should be fname, if user have in mind that he is exporting the structure of
the table he is looking at screen.

3. When we have alias in table names:
The name of the table in create statement should be alias name or original
table name?

4. When we have JOIN queries with more than one tables:
SELECT * FROM (SELECT actor_id FROM actor as e INNER JOIN address as g on
e.actor_id = g.city_id) as t1
Currently if we try to export some rows from the above query, it export
nothing it goes on edit sql screen.

Please share your thoughts.

Thanks and Regards
- Smita
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