[Phpmyadmin-devel] Contribution for phpMyadmin

Shivam Agarwal mr.shivamagarwal at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 21:19:46 CET 2014

Hello Everyone!!
Hope everyone is doing well here ! :)
First of all, I want to have my introduction, I am Shivam from India
studying Computer science in my bachelors program.I am  really enthusiastic
about  contributions in Open source project. I am using phpMyadmin for
quite sometime now and while looking for list of organizations accepted in
previous year GSoC's, I luckily found  that phpMyadmin is also a part of
such pestigious program.
I want to contribute to organization and to participate in GSoC 2015. While
looking at the ideas of coming year program,I want to work on user
interface improvements. :)
Please guide me further for the same.

Thanks for help   :)

Shivam Agarwal
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