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Deven Bhooshan devenbhooshan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 18:52:04 CET 2014

Hello all,
I have been following *PMA* for a long time.I saw the GSOC project
idea *Structure
Tools* in the wiki page. I found the project very interesting. As I have
worked in many projects in Database ( Both implementation and Application)
, I would like to contribute in this project.  The following is the
detailed description of what I have got until now after my research.

1- *Normalization* :

   - Going to the basics of Normalization there are two things needed
   before we can apply normalization on a relational database. 1- Database
   Schema 2- Functional Dependencies. *I wanted to ask this thing - We
   would take the functional dependencies from the user only ? For example if
   the user selects some table for normalization then after that we have to
   take the FD from the user only ? *
   - If we have got the functional dependencies  ans set of attributes , we
   can do the following things to change to the 3NF: *1)* we can  first get
   the closure of the given set of attributes with respect to given functional
   dependencies. *2) *Then we will remove the implied extraneous attributes
   and redundant dependencies. *3) *After that we can determine the full
   and partial dependencies .  Then we can apply the inference rules of
   Normalization to convert the database schema to 2NF then to 3NF.
   - The above algorithm can be implemented with algorithmic efficiency.

2- *Central List of Columns *

   - I didn't get the meaning of this : *The phpMyAdmin configuration
   storage would be the place to maintain this central list (probably per
   database). *Please help me out in understanding this.
   - If there is any need of grouping the columns name with very similar
   name like *product_id and product* , we can use many string algorithms
   like Levenshtein distance<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Levenshtein_distance>
    and Longest Common

Please comment on my views :).
I am very much interested in the project. Please guide me further.
Eagerly waiting for your comments
Deven Bhooshan
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