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Chanaka Dharmarathna pe.chanaka.ck at gmail.com
Wed Jan 1 14:21:17 CET 2014


I'm working on the feature request [0] and having some troubles with adding
table comments as tool tip in the navigation tree. Tool tip can be display
by adding title attribute to line [1] in NavigationTree class. But I'm not
sure how to access table meta data (table comment) at that point with $node
object. Is it possible to do that ?
Or can we set table comment in the constructor of Node_Table class by
setting another array element to $links associative array [2] ?

Is there any other approaches. Appreciate any help.

[0] : https://sourceforge.net/p/phpmyadmin/feature-requests/1462/
[1] :
[2] :

Regards !
Chanaka Dharmarathna
*Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd. | **Sri Lanka*
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