[Phpmyadmin-devel] GSoC Error reporting component

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 16:48:08 CET 2014


On 2/26/14 2:10 AM, Mohamed Ashraf wrote:
> Hello, My name is Mohamed Ashraf. I worked with phpMyAdmin last year on
> the error reporting component during GSoC 2013. I have completed the
> project on time. There were a few setbacks that were discovered once
> everything was completed. I tried my best to fix them as soon as
> possible so that the feature my by shipped in the next release of
> phpMyAdmin at the time. The code as far as I could make it was well
> documented and I tried to get the tests to cover all the code.
> Anyways, This year I wanted to continue to once again work with
> phpMyAdmin on an expansion of the error reporting component which also
> collects php errors. I have a few questions about how you want to do
> this but first I wanted to ask how did the core team feel about my work
> last year. What I am asking is, should I apply again this year or do you
> feel that you made a wrong choice last year and would not select me
> again. Also, what do you think I need to improve this time around?

I think as a general rule we don't discuss individual results (aside
from what Google themselves announce); speaking in general terms one
shouldn't take a lack of response to mean we were disappointed with
one's work (nor should any prior success as a guarantee of being
accepted in the future).

If you have an interesting proposal, we encourage you to submit it and
we'll comment if there are specific concerns. Of course you are welcome
to email the list asking for feedback as you have done, but hopefully
I'm explaining why you might not get thorough responses.

Kind regards,

> regards,
> -- 
> Mohamed Ashraf

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