[Phpmyadmin-devel] Regarding the multi-column sort feature request.

Sastry aditya ganeshaditya1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 12:27:13 CET 2014

Hi all,

I would like to tell you that am working on this feature request.  This is
a huge thing and it requires us to make a lot of decisions, lots of
opinions need to be gathered. There are way to many corner cases that a
single individual working alone might miss.

I would like you all to weigh in on what I have done so far, critique it. I
am ready to start of from scratch again if required.

I divided the work into three parts.

(1) Generating the URL for multi column selection.

The existing code to display sql results is solid, I don't want to mess
around it and maybe break something. Instead am building on top of it.

The sql.php uses this URL to receive the query.

 There are three parts to this the middle part(Bolded part) is where you
specify the columns to order by.

I plan on adding multiple columns to the middle part of the URL to turn it
into something like this.

I have implemented this and gave you a pull request for this part1. Please
check it.


(2) There are no visual cues when you submit a query with multi column
ordering. I made a bug ticket for this.

(3) Any tests that might need to be generated.

*To the senior community members: *Like I said earlier this request needs a
bit of mentoring. I am a GSOC aspirant and I have been witnessing that you
guys have been inundated with pull requests of late by us GSOC aspirants. I
know you guys are really very badly pressed for time. But I humbly request
you to please spend some time on this, I am am more than happy to put in
any extra effort. Also I feel that, this is a very basic, must have feature
and it would greatly add to the value of PMA.

Also if you do find time please review my one-line patch request

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