[Phpmyadmin-devel] New feature: Load/save Query-By-Example

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Sun Mar 9 20:53:58 CET 2014

Le 2014-03-09 11:52, Hugues Peccatte a écrit :
>     How about adding a "Rename bookmark" button? Then, if I change the name
>     and hit "Save bookmark", I get a copy (which is what I also expect from
>     the UI).
> Won't we have too much button here ?
> If you think that the "Save button" shouldn't rename but save another
> one, I could change the behavior.
> But imagine that you just want to update a search without changing the
> name (and without implementing the "Rename" button), then you should:
> - load a search "MySearch"
> - change the filters
> - save the search with a new name "MyNewSearch"
> - delete the old one "MySearch"
> - load the new search "MyNewSearch"
> - save the search with the old name "MySearch"
> - delete the intermidiate search "MyNewSearch"
> Could I suggest to add a confirmation alert when trying to rename a search ?
> "Do you really want to rename the bookmarked search «MySearch» as
> «MyNewSearch»? To create a new one, please select «New bookmark»."
> (Please correct if needed.)
> Another minor modifications could be to add a "as" between the select
> input and the text input.
> "Saved bookmarked search: «New bookmark» as «SortByName»"
> "Saved bookmarked search: «SortByName» as «SortByNameDesc»"

This will create a difficulty for translators, unless we implement a
unique, bigger message containing as the parameters, the two controls.

> After your decision, I'll try to implement it. The choices:
> - new button "Rename bookmark"
> - new alert to warn the user (my favorite)
> - add a minor text to be clearer
> Hugues.

Since we have the room for another button, my opinion is that we should
implement it, instead of asking the user to experiment with the UI to
find out how to do some operation.

Marc Delisle
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