[Phpmyadmin-devel] GSoC 2014 project: need feedback on some new ideas

Smita kumarismita62 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 23:00:06 CET 2014


I am Smita Kumari, first year Mtech student at IIIT Hyderabad, India. This
year I wish to apply for GSoC with phpMyAdmin. I have done some
contribution to PMA, I don't know if that is sufficient for evaluation or
not. Basically I am interested in "Interface Improvements" and "Structure
tools" idea from our idea list.

It would be nice if you can suggest me some bug or feature request which I
should try to fix and which can help you while evaluating my work for the
above mentioned projects.

Also I wanted to work on few more features as part of my GSoC project or
otherwise which I really think should be there in phpMyAdmin and will help
users, that includes:

*1. Making indexes for bookmarked sql query. *
I believe, people use bookmarking to save  their favourite query or the
query they are are gonna execute frequently. Assuming most of the naive
mysql users be non technical and they don't know what is indexing, they
don't know they can execute their queries 100 times faster on their huge
tables which most of the enterprise users will be having. I know in
PMA,users can make indexes but I doubt that they would know on what columns
they should make index that will serve their purpose.
So I was thinking, shouldn't we make indexes for the queries they have
bookmarked on our own or may be we can prompt user and ask if you wanna
make index for this query, since it'll speed up execution time/performance.
Please share your opinions, Will love to have some input on this .

*2. TRANSACTION support on innodb and ndb*
As we know innodb and ndb support transactions, which is a very useful
sometimes, specially when you are doing some changes directly on the
server, and you don't want to apply just partial changes or can say you
have a unit of work that is either sensitive to outside changes or needs
the ability to rollback every change, if an error occurs or you are not
sure if things will go right may be because if someone else doing some
conflicting changes on same db/table or any unexpected reasons.
So I think it would be nice if we have some way to let user say something
like "start a transaction" on GUI and then he does all the changes he wants
like insert/update/delete, after  he is done he can choose to either
rollback or commit to all changes made meanwhile based on if things went
right or wrong. So we can implement something that let users to use
transactions within PMA without writing explicitly transaction queries in
SQL box.
Please give your input on these.

Thanks and Regards
- Smita Kumari
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