[phpMyAdmin Developers] MySQL 5.7 Features

Morgan Tocker morgan.tocker at oracle.com
Wed Aug 26 19:18:32 CEST 2015

Hi phpmyadmin developers,

I just downloaded 4.5.0-beta1.  I love that you are using the ALTER USER command from 5.7!

I have some specific 5.7 features to mention that you may be able to make use of:

1) The server now supports a list of disabled_storage_engines (these still “work” but no new tables can be created).
It might make sense to remove them from the drop-down-list or make them appear greyed out.
They also appear under “ENGINES” the same as others currently.

2) The STATUS > PROCESSLIST is currently using SHOW PROCESSLIST.  In MySQL 5.7, there will be SELECT * FROM sys.x$processlist or SELECT * FROM sys.x$sessions (user connections only).  This has some added context (transactions open,  memory usage etc) and the command itself uses fewer locks than SHOW PROCESSLIST.  Here is an example of output:


3) The datatype JSON does not appear to be added yet.  5.7.8 added this native type with ~20 JSON manipulation functions.

- Morgan

Morgan Tocker
MySQL Community Manager
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Office: Toronto, Canada

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