[Phpmyadmin-devel] Codebase Improvements: OOP and refactoring

Amar Budhiraja amar.budhiraja1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 21 06:56:38 CET 2015

I am a junior undergraduate student in India and I wanted to start in the
direction of the project Codebase Improvements: OOP and refactoring.

I have done a similar project for a Software Engineering course in my own
university where I worked on a "working" Teaching Fellows Applications
portal. The portal was built using an MVC framework: web2py. The goal of
the project was to refactor the entire system to meet code standards and
divide the codebase into logical components and classes to make it more
readable and easy to extend.

Relevant to the project, my skill set includes PHP, HTML/CSS and JS. I have
with codeigniter framework to develop a project which gave a good
experience of OBJECT ORIENTED PHP as well.

I am fairly new to open source development and I would highly appreciate if
someone could give me directions as to where should I start.

Thank you

Amar Budhiraja
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