[Phpmyadmin-devel] Regarding project proposal

Marc Delisle marc at infomarc.info
Fri Mar 20 13:57:45 CET 2015

Tapan Halani a écrit :
> I couldn't exactly predict how much exact time it would take for me to
> implement each and every feature. But,I have tried my maximum to optimally
> allocate time to these 5 tasks only, out of which some are big. And yes, I
> think I can do more tasks than this, but am short of ideas.
> At present, I cannot come up with any new ideas regarding user interface
> improvements.
> If possible, I just wanted to be advised professionally and out of your
> experience  , is it possible to scale this 5 tasks to a duration of 12
> weeks?

Hi Tapan,
The list of ideas has been built so that each idea would take 
approximately 12 weeks, but of course this is difficult to predict, for 
you or for us.

Yourself (or others making a proposal on this idea) are free to add 
other feature requests.

> Also, can I add "solving bugs and feature requests from trackers" as a
> milestone and devote some time to it in between tasks in my proposal?

This would be too vague and difficult for your mentor to evaluate.

Marc Delisle (phpMyAdmin)

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