[Phpmyadmin-devel] Intorduction

Sukhdeep Singh sukhtaaj at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 04:20:26 CET 2015

Hello Everyone!

I am Sukhdeep Singh, an undergrad student with Major as Computer
Science & Engineering. I have been very much interested in open source
software development from the previous years. This interest has got me
to phpMyAdmin.

No Doubt, phpMyAdmin is the most used mysql interface for each level
of developers. I have started using it from the beginning of my

Now I wish to contribute to it as a developer. I have working
experience in php, mysql, html, sql, javascript and can do my best to
complete the work.

Also I got to know about GSoC lately, But they say its too late.
But I still hope I can get great guidance from developers here which
project to work upon.

I have gone through the GSoC Idea page of phpMyAdmin and found these
of my interest:

1. Parser/analyzer rewrite/replacement

I would love to contribute to this library on which the whole sql
parsing relies. I have worked and contributed in php library 'odtPHP'
which is used for creating/manipulating odt files using the php script
and made out a successful project out of it to be used at my

2. User interface improvements

Well, from my working experience, I am aware that user Interface is
the major factor that makes the user to use/not use any software. This
would be a pleasure for me to work on it. I have a little experience
in web 2d cad software, I hope that can help.

Please help to choose project so that I can contribute to this most
used software and also get selected in GSoC.

Hope to get a positive reply really soon.

Sukhdeep Singh

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