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Dan Ungureanu udan1107 at gmail.com
Sat May 9 22:22:31 CEST 2015


I have not formally introduced myself since I was accepted in Google Summer
of Code, but I hope it is not too late. My name is Dan and I am a first
year student at the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. My
proposal was about the SQL parser and analyzer of phpMyAdmin and this
summer I am going to rewrite it from scratch. Basically, what I want to
achieve is more advanced analysis and better performance. If you want to
check out my proposal, you can find it on the blog I set up here [1] and
where I am going to write weekly reports about my progress during the

I already started working on the library and so far I am pleased with the
result, but before proceeding further I would like to test it under
appropriate conditions. I was hoping that you could suggest me a way to
properly configure an environment that I can use for testing. What I am
looking for is a multi-server environment where I can set up and use
multiple versions of MySQL, MariaDB and Drizzle that and multiple MySQL
modes as well. I tried using multiple virtual machines but having more than
3 or 4 stresses my laptop a lot. So far I believe that multiple Docker
instances is what I am looking for. Since phpMyAdmin is so broadly used
with so many configurations, I believe that the SQL parser should take into
consideration all these factors and that is why I want to test my library
under these conditions.

I am looking forward for your suggestions. Thank you very much!

[1] http://dan.ungureanu.tk/gsoc-2015/

Best regards,
Dan Ungureanu
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