[phpMyAdmin Developers] phpMyAdmin 4.6.0-alpha is released

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 19:58:31 CET 2016

The phpMyAdmin team announces the release of 4.6.0-alpha1. Even though
this release should be functional and relatively stable, it is
considered a testing version and encourage you to exercise care in
deployment. Please report any issues at

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 4.6.0-alpha1, a regular maintenance release
including over 35 improvements. Please note that this release ends
support for old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, which are no
longer supported by Microsoft. There is a new configuration directive,
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['ssl_verify'] which is useful in some cases with
self-signed certificates. The ForceSSL and PmaAbsoluteUri configuration
directives have been removed (the functions of both of these should
better be handled by the webserver than the application).

A complete list of new features and bugs that have been fixed is
available in the ChangeLog file or changelog.php included with this release.

A few highlights:
* Allow setting routine-wise privileges
* UI for defining partitioning in create table window
* Support JSON data type
* Editing partitions in table Structure
* Copy results to clipboard
* Reactivate cut&paste possibility in print view
* Display binary strings as text if they are valid UTF-8
* Copy multiple tables to database
* Show MySQL error messages in user language

Known issues:
* Update query shows twice:
* CSV import to new table is broken:

There are many more improvements; please refer to the ChangeLog for full

As always, downloads are available at http://www.phpmyadmin.net

As always, thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this work possible!

The phpMyAdmin Team

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