[phpMyAdmin Developers] ChangeLog for sql-parser issues?

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 21:20:07 CET 2016


Since sql-parser is now another library we include, should we add
ChangeLog entries for sql-parser issues that have been fixed in phpMyAdmin?

It seems to me this would be good, since sql-parser is closely tied to
the functionality of phpMyAdmin (as opposed to, say, tcpdf where the
user doesn't care as long as they can still press the PDF button and get
a PDF file). However, it is a bit harder to follow which version of
sql-parser is with which phpMyAdmin release, since they're not directly
linked and we pull the most recent sql-parser 3.x when creating a release.

What's the consensus with the rest of the developers here?

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