[phpMyAdmin Developers] [BUG REPORT]: profiling not working & cut of errors

Alec Teal a.teal at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Jun 8 02:35:35 CEST 2016

Hello there,

I've had a few problems with PMA (I'm trying to migrate from the 
7-year-deprecated mysql gui tools I still run via Wine, am I alone in 
this?) and I've found a bug, and a minor bug.

First, if you profile a select that uses a user-defined function, no 
profiling result is shown, there's no error or warning either, nothing. 
Just the result set.

That's the bug.

Second, when designing the user defined function that has the power to 
disable profiles I'd get quite a long error report if the syntax was 
wrong, something like:

"Error in statement (ENTIRE BODY OF QUERY) at or around (bit that 
actually went wrong)"

I had to use a mix of zoom and responsive design view to actually get to 
read the bit I wanted.

If you could make the error box wider, or show the useful bit of 
information, that'd be great.

While I am here, I'd really love an "explain extended" option next to 
explain, and also there's a new JSON format, it'd be really good if you 
guys allowed fields to be of a JSON type (so you can collapse and expand 
lists, items of lists) - you wouldn't need to interpret the actual 
explain format to make this useful as it's pretty self descriptive.


I can help if you guys can are willing to answer questions about where 
to find things.

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