[phpMyAdmin Developers] Trouble with phpcs?

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 16:33:55 CEST 2017

I'm having trouble manually running phpcs on my system, has anyone
else tried lately? I haven't run it locally in some time and now I get
an error.

All the Google results I've found for this error are for software
using phpcs that wasn't compatible with version 3, so it's tough for
me to tell offhand if this is something wrong with my system directly
or a version incompatibility.

PHP Fatal error:  Interface 'PHP_CodeSniffer_Sniff' not found in
on line 29
PHP Stack trace:
PHP   1. {main}() /usr/bin/phpcs:0
PHP   2. PHP_CodeSniffer\Runner->runPHPCS() /usr/bin/phpcs:18
PHP   3. PHP_CodeSniffer\Runner->init()
PHP   4. PHP_CodeSniffer\Ruleset->__construct()
PHP   5. PHP_CodeSniffer\Ruleset->registerSniffs()
PHP   6. PHP_CodeSniffer\Autoload::loadFile()
PHP   7. include() /usr/share/php/PHP/CodeSniffer/autoload.php:167

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