[phpMyAdmin Developers] Difficulty understanding ic_b_primary in mhn.icons.css.php

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 20:43:55 CET 2017


I'm working on updating some of the themes for 4.7, but have encountered a

I'm looking at the mhn theme, on the Table Structure tab, at the icons
representing a primary key. This seems to me to be a style applied by the
class ic_b_primary. That class is defined in mhn.icons.css.php. I actually
want to take the grey/inactive icon from the "Action" area and use it again
as b_key.png, the indicator.

The problem for me is that ic_b_primary isn't a .png in the img directory,
so I can't just copy the file, and I'm not having any luck moving b_key in
to mhn.icons.css.php.

Anyone have a tip for me?

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