[phpMyAdmin Developers] Approaching feature freeze for 4.7

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 07:22:21 CET 2017

Hello team,

In about two weeks, I'll release the first alpha of 4.7.0. At that
point, we typically are in a feature freeze and only fix bugs. We have
a number of issues still pending, but most of them look like bug

Additionally, sql-parser has a few issues which would be good to fix
before the final release, but since they're bug fixes they aren't

Just a friendly reminder that this feature freeze is looming. If you
have any issues in mind for 4.7 (either as a feature or bug), please
add the appropriate tag in the tracker. At this point, we probably
have more issues than time before the release, so we'll have to
prioritize which issues are most important to resolve before the


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