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Juan Jose Perez Colorado juanjomovist at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 22:13:19 CET 2017

Good, the written for the references of the remote connections to MySQL. I
have this code for the connection:


< ?php
$ip = gethostbyname('server.no-ip.org');

$conexion = mysqli_connect($ip, 'web', 'server123+', 'test') or die('Error
al intentar conectarse a la base de datos.');
echo 'Conectado correctemente';



I explain my essence I have my MySQL server in my office and my page with
the Apache server on my Tablet (Android). Which I want to do a query from
my web hosted on my tablet through a public network to my MySQL server in
my office, for later the result of the query store it in MySQL of my tablet
to consult this data on my tablet OFF-LINE mode. It's kind of like data

Already enable the MySQL server in the office to allow remote access also
opened port 3306 on the router. But I still have this error:


Warning: mysqli_connect (): (HY000 / 2002): An error occurred while
attempting to connect because the connected part did not respond properly
after a period of time, or there was an error in the connection established
Since the connected host was unable to respond. In C: \ xampp \ htdocs \
Demo \ index.php on line 10
Error while trying to connect to database.

How can I fix it or am I doing wrong?
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