[phpMyAdmin Developers] help needed urgently

Osaid Nasir osaid.nasir at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 16:59:50 CET 2017


I think I can answer your queries pretty well as I am a beginner just like
you .

I was looking at the issues which needed to be solved but my bad luck most
of them were out of my knowledge bounds because i know basic php and have
not used phpmyadmin that extensively.
So anyone can please guide me how to find easy or beginner bugs and proceed
with solving them,please?

According to me you should find any beginner bug that is available and no
one is working on it and then ask which part of the code needs the changes.
Then try to learn as you find the fix that particular bug.
For example there was this bug which needed knowledge of phpunit and even
though I had no knowledge about it I volunteered and was able to
successfully submit a bug fix after reading the documentation.

P.S - PMA team is awesome and help me a lot with my PRs

All the best
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