[phpMyAdmin Developers] Build failed in Jenkins: error-reporting-server #175

Jenkins Daemon jenkins at phpmyadmin.net
Thu Sep 28 13:41:09 CEST 2017

See <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/175/display/redirect?page=changes>


[devenbansod.bits] Add Tests for uncovered methods in ReportsHelper

[Michal Čihař] Merge two phpunit configuration files

[Michal Čihař] Fix indentation of phpunit configuration

[devenbansod.bits] Update Composer

[devenbansod.bits] Allow POST methods for mark_related_to and unmark_related_to

[devenbansod.bits] Fix old commented tests related to mark_related_to and unmark_related_to

[devenbansod.bits] Remove composer.phar from Git

[devenbansod.bits] Allow Searching reports by filename (i.e. location)

[devenbansod.bits] Fix tests related to data_tables in ReportsController

[devenbansod.bits] Strip phpMyAdmin versions of their Ubuntu and Debian suffixes

[devenbansod.bits] Share code for stripping phpMyAdmin versions

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for version stripping

[devenbansod.bits] Iterate over resultSet using 'fetch' instead of loading all in-mem

[devenbansod.bits] Log extremely long reports and don't save them

[noreply] Fix errors in tests

[devenbansod.bits] Simplify report status

[devenbansod.bits] Improve content in generated issues on Github

[devenbansod.bits] Add informational table on creating an issue

[devenbansod.bits] Send Email Notifications on newly added reports

[devenbansod.bits] Fix Notifications handling

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for Notifications handling

[devenbansod.bits] Add Tests for email notifications

[devenbansod.bits] Follow Github issue state

[devenbansod.bits] Add Deploy instructions to README.md

[devenbansod.bits] Remove debug statement

[devenbansod.bits] Handle 'ping' webhook event gracefully

[devenbansod.bits] Log and don't save if length of error message for an incident field is

[devenbansod.bits] Partially fix error introduced in 66d9f09

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for logging of long error_message

[devenbansod.bits] Update Report status while linking/unlinking to/from a Github issue

[devenbansod.bits] Adjust report state based on Github issues state while linking/delinking

[devenbansod.bits] Adjust Report status based on linked Github issue's state

[devenbansod.bits] Add deployment instructions to README.md

[devenbansod.bits] Run Github issue state synchronization through CakePHP shell interface

[devenbansod.bits] Avoid processing resolved issues when checking GitHub status

[devenbansod.bits] Add a read-only public interface for non-team contributors

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for Shells

[devenbansod.bits] Fix tests

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for Github Controller

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for developers table

[devenbansod.bits] Add Tests for Developer Model and Controller

[devenbansod.bits] Add missing tests for ReportsController

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for NotificationsController Data tables

[devenbansod.bits] Add tests for GithubShell

[devenbansod.bits] Remove milestone from GitHub issue creation

[devenbansod.bits] Fix mis-printing of log message while cleaning old notifications

[Michal Čihař] Improve link form layout

[Michal Čihař] Remove trailing slash from link to GitHub issue

[Michal Čihař] Provide valid fallback when parsing file/line

[Michal Čihař] Ensure we do not use null as line number

[Michal Čihař] Fix checking for fallback

[Michal Čihař] Allow storing longer error messages

[Michal Čihař] Fix mail transport error on CakePHP 3.4

[Michal Čihař] Document that we need curl extension

[Michal Čihař] Apparently this can be already defined

[Michal Čihař] Change example configuration to match production

[Michal Čihař] Ensure the test email is used for tests

[Michal Čihař] Apparently this can be already defined

[Michal Čihař] Revert "Ensure the test email is used for tests"

[Michal Čihař] Fix return value in case of invalid data

[Michal Čihař] Do not provide array as input element content

[Michal Čihař] Remove Coveralls support

[Michal Čihař] Use configuration to indicate execution from cron rather than define

[Michal Čihař] Limit number of stored errors to 20

[Michal Čihař] Do not include context if it is not set

[Michal Čihař] Truncate too long stacktraces as well

[Michal Čihař] Adjust tests for truncation

[devenbansod.bits] Strip pma_version correctly while creating a new report too

[devenbansod.bits] Fix broken tests

[devenbansod.bits] Remove duplicate indices in array

[Michal Čihař] Hide stacktraces in read only interface

Started by user Michal Čihař
[EnvInject] - Loading node environment variables.
Building in workspace <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/>
 > git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repository
 > git config remote.origin.url https://github.com/phpmyadmin/error-reporting-server.git # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from https://github.com/phpmyadmin/error-reporting-server.git
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git fetch --tags --progress https://github.com/phpmyadmin/error-reporting-server.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
 > git rev-parse origin/master^{commit} # timeout=10
Checking out Revision 7db2930c6ba9ace2857d9f823fdb237cf074e16a (origin/master)
Commit message: "Hide stacktraces in read only interface"
 > git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
 > git checkout -f 7db2930c6ba9ace2857d9f823fdb237cf074e16a
 > git rev-list aed5b3b929ff67c5d6dcca2a07aea0ed4403eef8 # timeout=10
[workspace] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/jenkins6248212635618830907.sh
+ mysql -utravis -e DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS pmaerr
+ mysql -utravis -e CREATE DATABASE pmaerr
+ composer update
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)
Package operations: 3 installs, 36 updates, 8 removals
  - Removing symfony/event-dispatcher (v2.8.20)
  - Removing symfony/stopwatch (v3.2.8)
  - Removing phar-io/manifest (1.0.1)
  - Removing phar-io/version (1.0.1)
  - Removing theseer/tokenizer (1.1.0)
  - Removing sebastian/object-reflector (1.1.1)
  - Removing satooshi/php-coveralls (v1.0.1)
  - Removing guzzle/guzzle (v3.9.3)
  - Updating zendframework/zend-diactoros (1.4.0 => 1.6.0): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (15%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating cakephp/cakephp (3.4.6 => 3.5.3): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating symfony/polyfill-mbstring (v1.3.0 => v1.5.0): Loading from cache
  - Updating symfony/yaml (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Loading from cache
  - Updating symfony/debug (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Loading from cache
  - Updating symfony/console (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Loading from cache
  - Updating symfony/filesystem (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Loading from cache
  - Updating symfony/config (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Loading from cache
  - Updating robmorgan/phinx (v0.6.5 => v0.8.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating cakephp/migrations (1.6.7 => 1.7.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating nikic/php-parser (v3.0.5 => v3.1.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating symfony/var-dumper (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating psy/psysh (v0.8.3 => v0.8.11): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating symfony/process (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Loading from cache
  - Updating symfony/finder (v3.2.8 => v3.3.9): Loading from cache
  - Updating seld/jsonlint (1.6.0 => 1.6.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (40%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating justinrainbow/json-schema (5.2.0 => 5.2.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating composer/ca-bundle (1.0.7 => 1.0.8): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating composer/composer (1.4.1 => 1.5.2): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating cakephp/debug_kit (3.10.1 => 3.11.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating cakephp/bake (1.3.4 => 1.4.2): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating sebastian/recursion-context (3.0.0 => 2.0.0): Loading from cache
  - Updating sebastian/diff (1.4.1 => 1.4.3): Loading from cache
  - Updating sebastian/exporter (3.1.0 => 2.0.0): Loading from cache
  - Updating sebastian/comparator (2.0.0 => 1.2.4): Loading from cache
  - Updating phpdocumentor/reflection-common (1.0 => 1.0.1): Loading from cache
  - Updating phpdocumentor/type-resolver (0.2.1 => 0.4.0): Loading from cache
  - Updating phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock (3.1.1 => 4.1.1): Loading from cache
  - Updating phpspec/prophecy (v1.7.0 => v1.7.2): Loading from cache
  - Updating sebastian/environment (3.0.2 => 2.0.0): Loading from cache
  - Updating phpunit/php-token-stream (1.4.11 => 2.0.1): Loading from cache
  - Updating phpunit/php-code-coverage (5.2.1 => 4.0.8): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects (4.0.1 => 3.4.4): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (80%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating sebastian/global-state (2.0.0 => 1.1.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (40%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (100%)
  - Updating sebastian/object-enumerator (3.0.2 => 2.0.1): Loading from cache
  - Installing php-mock/php-mock (1.0.1): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (25%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (75%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (100%)
  - Installing php-mock/php-mock-integration (1.0.0): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (100%)
  - Updating phpunit/phpunit (6.1.3 => 5.7.22): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (5%)Downloading (10%)Downloading (15%)Downloading (20%)Downloading (25%)Downloading (30%)Downloading (35%)Downloading (40%)Downloading (45%)Downloading (50%)Downloading (55%)Downloading (60%)Downloading (65%)Downloading (70%)Downloading (85%)Downloading (90%)Downloading (95%)Downloading (100%)
  - Installing php-mock/php-mock-phpunit (1.1.2): Downloading (connecting...)Downloading (0%)           Downloading (100%)
php-mock/php-mock suggests installing php-mock/php-mock-mockery (Allows using PHPMockery for Mockery integration)
Writing lock file
Generating autoload files
> Cake\Composer\Installer\PluginInstaller::postAutoloadDump
[workspace] $ ant build
Unable to locate tools.jar. Expected to find it in /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/lib/tools.jar
Buildfile: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build.xml>

   [delete] Deleting directory <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/api>
   [delete] Deleting directory <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/code-browser>
   [delete] Deleting directory <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/coverage>
   [delete] Deleting directory <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/logs>
   [delete] Deleting directory <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/pdepend>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/api>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/code-browser>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/coverage>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/logs>
    [mkdir] Created dir: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build/pdepend>

     [exec] using migration paths 
     [exec]  - <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/config/Migrations>
     [exec] using seed paths 
     [exec]  - <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/config/Seeds>
     [exec] using environment default
     [exec] using adapter mysql
     [exec] using database pmaerr
     [exec]  == 20150607191654 Initial: migrating
     [exec]  == 20150607191654 Initial: migrated 1.4998s
     [exec]  == 20150607192040 AddReportIdIndexToIncidents: migrating
     [exec]  == 20150607192040 AddReportIdIndexToIncidents: migrated 0.2633s
     [exec]  == 20150607192459 AddDevReportIndexToNotifications: migrating
     [exec]  == 20150607192459 AddDevReportIndexToNotifications: migrated 0.3592s
     [exec]  == 20160111023543 AddLocaleToIncidents: migrating
     [exec]  == 20160111023543 AddLocaleToIncidents: migrated 0.6559s
     [exec]  == 20170515135017 FixLongPmaVersions: migrating
     [exec]  == 20170515135017 FixLongPmaVersions: migrated 0.0749s
     [exec]  == 20170530155816 FixStaleReportStates: migrating
     [exec]  == 20170530155816 FixStaleReportStates: migrated 0.0583s
     [exec]  == 20170711060435 AlterIncidents: migrating
     [exec]  == 20170711060435 AlterIncidents: migrated 0.6742s
     [exec] All Done. Took 4.0388s
     [exec] using migration paths 
     [exec]  - <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/config/Migrations>
     [exec] using seed paths 
     [exec]  - <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/config/Seeds>
     [exec] Writing dump file `<https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/config/Migrations/schema-dump-default.lock`...>
     [exec] Dump file `<https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/config/Migrations/schema-dump-default.lock`> was successfully written

     [exec] PHPUnit 5.7.22 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.
     [exec] Runtime:       PHP 7.0.19-1
     [exec] Configuration: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/phpunit.xml.dist>
     [exec] Error:         No code coverage driver is available
     [exec] ................................F..........F....                  48 / 48 (100%)
     [exec] Time: 1.58 minutes, Memory: 24.00MB
     [exec] There were 2 failures:
     [exec] 1) App\Test\TestCase\Controller\IncidentsControllerTest::testJson
     [exec] Failed asserting that two arrays are equal.
     [exec] --- Expected
     [exec] +++ Actual
     [exec] @@ @@
     [exec]      'report_id' => 1
     [exec] -    'created' => '2013-08-29T18:10:01'
     [exec] -    'modified' => '2013-08-29T18:10:01'
     [exec] +    'created' => '2013-08-29T18:10:01+00:00'
     [exec] +    'modified' => '2013-08-29T18:10:01+00:00'
     [exec]      'exception_type' => null
     [exec]  )
     [exec] <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/tests/TestCase/Controller/IncidentsControllerTest.php>:74
     [exec] 2) App\Test\TestCase\Controller\NotificationsControllerTest::testDataTables
     [exec] Failed asserting that two arrays are equal.
     [exec] --- Expected
     [exec] +++ Actual
     [exec] @@ @@
     [exec]              5 => 'js'
     [exec] -            6 => '2014-01-01T07:05:09'
     [exec] +            6 => '2014-01-01T07:05:09+00:00'
     [exec] @@ @@
     [exec]              5 => 'js'
     [exec] -            6 => '2014-01-02T07:05:09'
     [exec] +            6 => '2014-01-02T07:05:09+00:00'
     [exec]          )
     [exec]      )
     [exec]  )
     [exec] <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/tests/TestCase/Controller/NotificationsControllerTest.php>:88
     [exec] FAILURES!
     [exec] Tests: 48, Assertions: 292, Failures: 2.

<https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/build.xml>:25: exec returned: 1

Total time: 1 minute 41 seconds
Build step 'Invoke Ant' marked build as failure
[CHECKSTYLE] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
[JSLINT] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
[PMD] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
[DRY] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
[TASKS] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
[ANALYSIS-COLLECTOR] Skipping publisher since build result is FAILURE
Publishing Clover coverage report...
Clover xml file does not exist in: <https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/> called: build/logs/clover.xml and will not be copied to: /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/error-reporting-server/builds/175/cloverphp/clover.xml
Could not find 'null/build/logs/clover.xml'.  Did you generate the XML report for Clover?
[xUnit] [INFO] - Starting to record.
[xUnit] [INFO] - Processing PHPUnit-3.x (default)
[xUnit] [INFO] - [PHPUnit-3.x (default)] - 1 test report file(s) were found with the pattern 'build/logs/junit.xml' relative to '<https://ci.phpmyadmin.net/job/error-reporting-server/ws/'> for the testing framework 'PHPUnit-3.x (default)'.
[xUnit] [INFO] - Check 'Failed Tests' threshold.
[xUnit] [INFO] - Check 'Skipped Tests' threshold.
[xUnit] [INFO] - Setting the build status to FAILURE
[xUnit] [INFO] - Stopping recording.

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