[phpMyAdmin Developers] MySQL 8.0.13

Frederic Steinfels fst at highdefinition.ch
Wed Jan 16 23:29:42 CET 2019


I am using MySQL 8.0.13 together with phpMyAdmin 4.8.3.

I have encountered various errors:

- Moving columns does not work under various conditions. I am getting a 
lot of SQL Syntax errors.

- Modifying routines and functions will often result in the procedure 
being erased completely. PHPmyadmin is reporting an error on creating 
the new routine but at that point the old routine is already deleted and 
can only be recovered from a backup (editor window already closed).

Can I post more details here?


Frederic Steinfels
F. Steinfels Hard- & Software
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8610 Uster
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