[Phpmyadmin-git] [SCM] phpMyAdmin branch, master, updated. RELEASE_3_3_2-1650-g8f36b52

Michal Čihař nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Apr 20 08:35:13 CEST 2010

The branch, master has been updated
       via  8f36b52facc4bdb8c98881f4b840b2d1794f1143 (commit)
      from  9bb35300ebdcf242abcb23e55ad7164ab799d88f (commit)

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 8f36b52facc4bdb8c98881f4b840b2d1794f1143
Author: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>
Date:   Tue Apr 20 08:34:27 2010 +0200

    Minor fixes in docs.


Summary of changes:
 Documentation.html |    6 +++---
 1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Documentation.html b/Documentation.html
index c6ee94f..9dc2dbd 100644
--- a/Documentation.html
+++ b/Documentation.html
@@ -3259,7 +3259,7 @@ the <tt>mysql_upgrade</tt> command on the server.</p>
     port-forwarding to another host, MySQL is not resolving the localhost
     as expected.<br />
     Erik Wasser explains: The solution is: if your host is "localhost"
-    MySQL (the commandline tool 'mysql' as well) always tries to use the socket
+    MySQL (the command line tool <code>mysql</code> as well) always tries to use the socket
     connection for speeding up things. And that doesn't work in this configuration
     with port forwarding.<br />
     If you enter "" as hostname, everything is right and MySQL uses the
@@ -3385,7 +3385,7 @@ have either the <a href="http://pecl.php.net/package/APC">APC</a> extension
     <a href="#faq3_4">3.4 I am unable to import dumps I created with the mysqldump tool
     bundled with the MySQL server distribution.</a></h4>
-<p> The problem is that older versions of mysqldump created invalid comments like this:</p>
+<p> The problem is that older versions of <code>mysqldump</code> created invalid comments like this:</p>
 -- MySQL dump 8.22
@@ -4526,7 +4526,7 @@ now synchronize your databases placed on the same server or some remote server.
 Copyright (C) 1998-2000 Tobias Ratschiller <tobias_at_ratschiller.com>
-Copyright (C) 2001-2009 Marc Delisle <marc_at_infomarc.info>
+Copyright (C) 2001-2010 Marc Delisle <marc_at_infomarc.info>
                         Olivier Müller <om_at_omnis.ch>
                         Robin Johnson <robbat2_at_users.sourceforge.net>
                         Alexander M. Turek <me_at_derrabus.de>


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