[Phpmyadmin-git] [SCM] phpMyAdmin annotated tag, RELEASE_3_3_2DEV, created. RELEASE_3_3_2DEV

Michal Čihař nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Apr 22 12:49:43 CEST 2010

The annotated tag, RELEASE_3_3_2DEV has been created
        at  1b1a8a9dca0ec802d2419a61459bc78a9e908c56 (tag)
   tagging  e8d86a5869d45a5e019bf9460d5fb0c9b398216f (commit)
  replaces  RELEASE_3_3_1RC1
 tagged by  Michal Čihař
        on  Wed Mar 24 10:37:17 2010 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Released 3.3.2-dev

Dieter Adriaenssens (2):
      patch #2969449 Name for MERGE engine varies depending on the MySQL version
      Changed link to git repository on main page

Herman van Rink (10):
      [privileges] Improve escaping of hostname
      bug #2926613 [edit] Copy database shows errors when DB has foreign key
      Dutch translation update
      Untranslated string
      Dutch translation update
      Fix missing mootools-more.js include for structure page shown after adding a field.
      Prevent js error in some cases after session expiration
      bug #2944069 [config] Extraneus dot from dirname() when installed in root, thanks to ayanamist
      Backported uploadprogress part of rev 13423 and 13424 to QA_3_3 and MAINT_3_3_0
      bug #2963830: Import page not displaying due to fatal error

Marc Delisle (47):
      advance version numbers
      bug #2924357 [operations] Cannot rename a database that has foreign key constraints
      unwanted side effect of tracking when renaming a database
      Action should always be displayed here
      bug #869006 Ignore number of records for MRG_MyISAM
      differences in syntax harm the check_lang.sh script
      Russian update
      "Show BLOB contents" should display HTML code that is present in a BLOB
      Greek update
      new Greek translator
      Norwegian update
      bug #2929958 Cannot import (French interface)
      Finnish update
      Lithuanian update
      new option DisplayBinaryAsHex (was used but no default had been defined)
      bug #2931939 Seeing "m" as unit is confusing
      bug #2931216 Relations settings not updated on config change
      revert fix for bug #2931216
      bug #2938492 information_schema sorting order
      table filter box too wide, thanks to dylfin
      bug #2941101 import timeout when table already created and several data lines
      Catalan update
      XHTML compliance
      remove the border removal for the Filter field; todo: improve the X reset appearance
      3.3.0 release
      start of 3.3.2-dev
      duplicate comment
      bug #2966078 Incorrect LIMIT is saved and sticks while browsing
      ChangeLog split
      bug #2967366 Some results of Propose table structure are shown in hex
      bug #2967565 UNHEX not selected by default when inserting BINARY
      bug #2970769 Incorrect reference to mootools-more.js
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_3_1' into QA_3_3
      3.3.1 release
      bug #2972232 Import menu tab not present on main page
      there was an extra space in the ChangeLog
      testing before merge
      switched from svn to git
      XHTML error

Michal Čihař (11):
      Fix typo, thanks to Thijs Kinkhorst for noticing.
      Use X-Frame-Options header to protect against ClickJacking.
      Czech translation update.
      Czech translation update.
      Czech translation update
      Merge remote branch 'origin/MAINT_3_3_0' into QA_3_3
      Merge remote branch 'origin/MAINT_3_3_1' into QA_3_3
      Forgotten conflict resolving after merge.
      Add list of ignored files.
      Add list of ignored files.
      Proper HTML escaping.



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