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Michal Čihař nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Apr 22 12:53:20 CEST 2010

The annotated tag, RELEASE_2_2_0 has been created
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 tagged by  Michal Čihař
        on  Thu Apr 22 12:47:37 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Imported SVN tag for RELEASE_2_2_0

Armel Fauveau (27):
      Bookmark Support
      Bookmark : 'view only' option
      Bookmark : 'view only' option
      Bookmark : 'delete' option
      Bookmark : 'delete' option
      Bookmark : 'executer' option
      Bookmark : 'execute' option
      Added 'Bookmarked SQL-query' combo box when you click on a table
      Patch bookmarks section (bug #430628)
      add multiple dump feature (Feature #424176)
      update CREDITS
      Bookmark support (fixed warning)
      Change all {...} to [...]
      Gzip Support
      Gzip Support
      Gzip Support : bug fixe
      Gzip Support
      Bookmark strange condition
      GZip feature (please check, my (@#) english is poor)
      Add warning concerning bookmark feature and advanced auth
      *** empty log message ***
      Bookmark Support now advanced auth
      Bookmark Support now advanced auth
      \r\n to \n and patch request #444789
      Update bookmark section
      Update bookmark table structure
      Update Documentation.html (bookmark and stduser priv)

Benjamin Gandon (3):
      new split_sql() that fixes many bugs
      added a FAQ entry about the buggy php package still available for RedHat 7.0 update
      removed useless remove_remarks() function

Geert Lund (7):
      danish language file code cleanup (only changed order of stings)
      added  and  strings to all language files
      tbl_qbe.php3: added language support (stripped all static text) (Feat.req.: \#443959)
      misc. updates regarding langauge files and outsourcing static text in tbl_qbe.php3
      added glund to credit list :-)
      tbl_qbe.php3: added language support (stripped all static text) (Feat.req.: #443959)
      upated slovak-iso.inc.php3 to include english strings to be translated for the tbl_qbe.php3

Korakot Chaovavanich (1):
      replace dropdown with radio, if short

Loïc Chapeaux (368):
      Added Brazilian Portuguese
      Build a js library for expandable/collapsible database lists and improve the related code
      Build a js library for expandable/collapsible database and add add Brazilian-portuguese
      Marc outsource some strings in main.php3 & kill the bug in main.php3 about Create privilege
      Skip collapsible list with Opera 5.02
      Handles now the $HTTP_POST_FILES array
      Enforce reloading of the left frame if a table has to be created
      grab_globals.inc.php3 handles now the $HTTP_POST_FILES array and the left frame is reloaded if a table is created
      on csv data, user can add a character at end-of-line (commit for Lem9)
      Fix warnings when error_reporting is set to E_ALL
      import the 'insert new row to edit page' feature put by Korakot in the stable CVS tree
      stip slash the message to be displayed
      Lem9: added a shell script that adds a message to all message files
      Fixed a warning because '$sql_order' variable was not set
      fixed all the special characters problems (Bug #421889)
      Fixed all the special characters problems (Bug #421889) & a warning
      put an '@' in front of the calls to the set_time_limit() function
      Beatify a bit the start page
      Beautify a bit the start page & put an '@' in front of the calls to the set_time_limit() function
      Fixed a bug if a record contains html tags
      Updated by Ben Schwarz <Ben-Schwarz at gmx.de>
      Updated translation by Steen <webmaster at kostplanen.dk>
      Updated for the unofficial phpMyAdmin
      Pete Kelly finally fixed all the special characters problems
      Fixed the bug #424278: Display xx records on the select page
      A little nit of optimization
      Updated the documentation files
      Fixed the scrollbar bug with NS4
      Opus, I've melt dev version and stable one yesterday...
      Avoid a warning
      Added the path './' before all required or included files to avoid conflicts with the 'include_path' directive
      Fixed the reason for a waring
      Optimized a bit the stripslash work in case of inline queries
      Optimized a bit the stripslash work in case of inline queries a fixed a warning
      Fixed bug #425369 (advanced mode failed)
      Fixed the logout problem with adv_auth
      Options displayed with the results of a query depends now on its type (bug #425888)
      Pete fix ed the bug #427796
      Beautified the way database list is displayed with NS4
      Many little and different bug fixes
      A wrong var name was affected during authentification
      Ensure the server hostname is find whatever is the php configuration
      Updated czech translations (iso and win charsets) by Michal Cihar
      Charset is now taken into account
      Put the language selection at the top
      optimized again the code for NS4+
      Too many little change, I can't detail here
      Added the charset
      The 'bkg.gif' image was corrupted
      The 'bkg.gif' image was corrupted
      The images was not declared as binaries on the CVS tree
      Added Japanese and Korean translations
      A perticular db could be displayed as the first page (feature #432402)
      Fixed bug bug #434416 and reload the left frame with the current db opened
      Reload the left frame with the current db opened
      Rewritten (PEAR coding standards + XHTML1.0) an fixed bad case in documentation links' anchors
      Rewritten main.php3 (PEAR coding standards + XHTML1.0) an fixed bad case in documentation links' anchors
      Fixed bad case in documentation links' anchors
      Fixed a bug with PHP3
      Moved a 'mysql_select_db' so the script may ran with mysql releases < 3.23
      Merged patch #437514
      Merged patches #437127 and #437129
      See inside: too many change to detail here...
      Added http headers to avoid the use of cached files (Opera fix)
      Was broken (strange display with NS)
      rewritten so it becomes as far as possible xhtml1.0 compliant
      rewritten left.php3 (~xhtml1.0 compliant)
      font familiy style is set to sans-serif for non-latin1 charsets
      Font faces depends on charset
      Font faces now depends on charset (temporary fix)
      Merged patch #438708 (Changes to display_table)
      Fixed bug #438743 (Odd behaviour after drop database)
      Fixed many little scripting bugs in users_details.php3
      rewritten to fit javascript standards
      removed an unnecessary ';'!
      fixed bug #438895 (No mixed " and ' possible)
      Mainly fixed bug #438895 (No mixed " and ' possible)
      fixed bug ##438987 (Blank lines with IE5+)
      fixed an invalid anchor in a documentation link in ldi_table.php3
      Improved css
      bad DOM implemenation in Konqueror and Opera -> list is no long expandable/collapsible with this browsers
      Merged a workaround to fix the bad DOM implemenation in Konqueror and Opera
      Added spacers between db
      Fix suggested by Michael Tacelosky into the phpwizard forum
      Fixed a bug line 85: trimming an array!
      Font family is now language dependant
      Error messages were outsourced
      Error messages were outsourced & font family is now language dependant
      Removed an un-necessary php closing tag in tbl_properties.inc.php3
      Thousands and decimal separators are now language dependant
      Added a '#' before 'No tables found' in a geneted dump file
      Restored Marc updates I've crashed... sorry
      Restored Marc updates I've crashed - part 2... sorry
      Cosmetic changes
      Thousands and decimal separators are now language dependant
      Size units are now language dependant
      Added Gzip string
      Fixed a bug if  an user requires a gziped dump but forget to check the transmit checkbox
      Documentation links are displayed in their own window
      Rewritten to be XHTML1.0 compliant and to fit PEAR coding standards
      Fixed some xhtml1.0 errors
      Fixed some xhtml1.0 errors
      Light beautifications
      replaced 'Gzip' by '"gzipped"'
      Updated by Michal Cihar
      vertically center bookmarks options
      rewritten the script so it fits XHTML1.0 and PEAR standards and beautity a bit the display
      Fixed some bugs (including #439553) when $cfgServerDefault is set to 0 in the config file
      Fixed display problems with NS4+ (including bug #439962)
      Fixed a bug in db_details.php3 if there is no indexes
      Export the js work from tbl_properties.php3 & db_details.php3 to functions.js
      Very little cosmetic changes
      Updated thanks to Martin Marconcini
      Updated thanks to Martin Marconcini
      count_records already displays the number of records in the valid format
      fixed invalid colspan values
      A '?' was lacking in an url scheme
      Updated thanks to Laurent Haas
      Fixed bug #440430 with php3
      Fixed some bugs with php3 (0 != empty)
      Removed the '^M' at the end of some lines
      Rewritten to validates xhtml1.0 & css2, added some words about a common socket error and updated credits
      Removed links to deepthought.texsci.edu (no long exists)
      Again bug #440430 (error with php3)
      Function_exists() is available since php 3.0.7 only
      no message
      Fixed an IE5.0 display bug and an other one with Mozilla
      Fixed a wrong comparaison
      Fixed a bug in the css
      Fixed bug #440609 (Javascript error on left frame (IE4.0))
      Updated translation and set $number_thousands_separator to " "
      Fixed a typo ("developpers" with two "p").
      Set $number_thousands_separator to " "
      no message
      Fixed some inconsistencies in the cvs export feature
      Added Steve's credits
      Back to previous revision...sorry
      Cosmetic changes
      no message
      No DHTML if there is only one table to display (feature #440420)
      Cosmetic changes (added some more 'nowrap')
      Fixed misc bugs, I can't detail here
      Rewritten the 'show_message' function
      Removed a faulty fix for bug #439565
      no message
      Added a limitation feature for data dumps thanks to Girish Nair and Vinay
      Updated credits for the data dumps limitation feature
      Limitation feature for data dumps wasn't working with CSV exports
      Added a requirement section & rewritten the entry about the use of advanced authentification
      no message
      Added bzip support for dump files
      $sql_query wasn't defined if 'magic_quotes_gpc' was off.
      no message
      Fixed bug #441571 (Gzipped dumps have wrong extension)
      Updated Polish translation thanks to Piotr Roszatycki.
      Added credits for Benjamin Gandon
      Patch from Laurent Haas that allows to remember and modify a sql query submitted
      Fixed some bugs with the patch from Laurent Haas merged the day before
      Now dislpays the 'modify' link if the query submitted returns at least one row
      Fixed a bug with php3
      * Removed the error_reporting statement (usefull for debugging but not so nice for a release)
      Benjamin Gandon is an official developper now
      Fixed some coding inconcistencies
      Reordered so it fits the configuration file order
      Added tests to ensure $cfgOBGzip and $ob_mode not only exists but are also true
      * Fixed some bugs with the bookmark feature
      Fixed a possible mysql error
      Simplified a bit the code
      Fixed a typo
      no message
      Updated translations so they are xhtml1.0 valid and fits PEAR codding standards
      fixed some coding inconcistencies (tabs, ...)
      ini_get is a php4 only function and may be disabled -> put an @ before it is called to avoid errors
      queries retained and displayed into the textearea when stripslashed one time more than required
      no message
      Chinese traditionnal updated thanks to Taiyen Hung
      Added a link to empty the current table in tbl_properties.php3
      fixed some typos thanks to Larry Meaney
      no message
      added two directives to disable the use of compression for dump files
      create the variable $is_show_processlist so the same regular expression don't have to be tested three times
      'get_cfg_var' is only a second best solution
      no message
      fixed a possible warning
      fix for the order bugs (need to be tested)
      fixed a slashes bug
      no message
      improved js validation tests (and reduced server charge)
      added $strFormEmpty
      no message
      fixed some coding style inconcistencies and optimized a bit both the '$set$' switch cases
      no message
      fixed bug #448522 (Insert Data Error on Win32-Server)
      removed erroneous <lf>
      fix a bug when primary key values contain slashes
      no message
      merged patch #443393
      Ooops, fix a xhtml1.0 coding typo
      applied patch #443230 (Display order in tbl_select.php3)
      Try a fix for bug #446982 (Dump files ignored with Windows server)
      * Marc fix generates bugs
      no message
      Fixed bug #449430 (Quote/Select bug on 2.2.0rc4)
      Beautify a bit the generated html code
      no message
      Fixed an other slashes bug
      Updated Polish translation thanks to Jakub Wilk
      Fixed some others slashes bugs
      Merged patch #449548 (fix for mysql error on no default server) thanks to Kendrick Vargas
      fixed some coding style inconcistencies
      fixed $id issue
      optimized a bit the MySQL version query
      no message
      Patch for the bug #449858 (PHP3 compatible)
      * Fixed some coding style inconcistencies
      Fixed first part of bug #449817
      no message
      Fixed a slashes bug if the query is displayed on screen to be confirmed
      Fixed a slashes bug thanks to Dan Allen
      no message
      no message
      Use the 'extract()' function if possible
      Fixed bugs:
      Fixed some coding style inconcistencies
      no message
      fixed a php syntax error
      fixed some of the bugs I've introduced with my last patches
      fixed some decoding bugs
      removed an unecessary stripslashes call
      updated thanks to Jakub Wilk
      no message
      Fixed some encoding/decoding bugs
      Added a style for the number of tables per database
      no message
      Fixed some encoding/decoding bugs
      Added a fix to enforce reloading of the left frame if a database/table has been created/deleted
      no message
      Modified the way the tables' number is displayed
      Merged temporary javascript fixes
      no message
      Added some words about enums and set fields
      fixed a coding bug
      * fixed a bug with a global variable,
      no message
      Do not modify blob/binaries if $cfgProtectBlob is true
      Move back to the welcome page if the current database has been dropped
      no message
      no message
      Once a query has been executed phpMyAdmin now moves back to the calling script
      Little optimization
      no message
      Choosing not to execute a drop statement leads now to the calling script
      Handles some vars for the "modify a query" link
      no message
      Fixed Olivier's improvement for mutiple queries
      Beautify a bit the way the query is displayed
      Put $strInstructions at its right place
      no message
      Merged patch #452877 ($cfgServer['only_db'] - array) from Jakub Wilk
      Do not display functions with enum or set fields types
      Fixed bug #450255 (new javascript error with netscape3) thanks to Fran�ois
      * checks if databases from $cfgServers[1]['only_db']  exists before displaying them at the left frame
      added $strNoDatabases
      fixed a bug with netscape 3 thanks to Fran�ois
      various updates
      no message
      added $strStrucExcelCSV
      fixed some bugs with CSV exportations
      added $strExtendedInserts
      added an extended inserts option for dumps of data
      Use the convenient string for the table's dump feature
      Optimized a bit and started to work on feature #444767 (Other cases for display=simple)
      Previous version were buggy (my fault, sorry)
      fixed some javascript bugs
      go back to the previous calling script that is not a confirmation form in case of error
      added some mysql_die() calls
      according to rfc 2816, the location http header requires an absolute URI
      Merged the socket patch from Dan Allen
      improved the way the mysql_affected_rows is used
      Added $strDeletedRows and $strInsertedRows
      XHTML1.0 fix and ensure the script fits the common coding standards
      optimized a bit the script
      no message
      * fixed again the socket patch
      * ensures each constant isn't already defined before to define it
      XHTML1.0 fix and ensure the script fits the common coding standards
      no message
      Removed a tab character
      While browsing a table, ensure <cr> and <lf> in text/blob fields are displayed
      restored the use of the remove_remarks function that is required with scripts beginning by comments
      * restored the use of the remove_remarks function that is required with scripts beginning by comments
      no message
      Added $strNoDropDatabases
      improved a bit Olivier's patch about the "Drop database" restrictions
      fixed a syntax error (is_defined is not a function)
      beautify a but the design of the table in browse mode
      fixed a typo
      no message
      if a field value contains the "end of record" sequence, enclosed it in dump exportation
      fixed a warning
      no message
      added $strDropTable
      XHTML1.0 fixes
      enclose all fields in cvs generated files if this option has been checked
      no message
      the "</body>" html tag was lacking
      optimized "include/require" statements
      no message
      a gif must be uploaded to the cvs as a binary!
      a gif must be uploaded to the cvs as a binary!
      added a FAQ entry about the logout bug and a link to it at the welcome page
      Updated thanks to Piotr Roszatycki
      Improved the error handling system
      * Improved the error handling system
      fix a bug when a backquoted table/field name ends with a backslash
      fixed an xhtml1.0 error and removed the js "onchange" handler
      no message
      displays a space character if a field is empty to ensure the cell format is used with NS
      Merged patch #455484 ("Smart" order) thanks to Jakub Wilk
      updated thanks to Patrik Grip-Jansson
      Martin Marconcini
      Put all the string to translate at the end and added a missing one
      Sorted the strings
      no message
      tried to fix some "NULL" value problems
      Added Galician translation thanks to Xose Calvo
      Available languages are sorted by their true names
      More accurate comments for the pmaComp function
      improved mime types and http headers used when exporting dumps to files
      ix some errors about whether to display table name or not at the top of the page
      returns to tbl_properties.php3 rather than db_details.php3
      completed the fix for the "NULL" value problem
      no message
      fixed a bug when browsing a table with values equal to 0
      fixed bugs in function field name with special characters and no-parameter functions
      added the "UNIX_TIMESTAMP" function
      no message
      optimized the test for super user privileges
      Misc urlencode use fixes
      optimized the 'check_rights()' function
      fixed an error about whether to display table name or not at the top of the page
      the script to returns to was hard coded
      no message
      re-enabled the ability to copy a table to another database (bug #456434).
      ensure the "null" string can be used in the "value" box
      improved messages displayed as results of queries
      trimmed a string
      no message
      ensure the "not null" string can be used in the "value" box of the select script
      added an option to display the whole value of a text field in a javascript alert box
      no message
      fixed a js error with NS
      added the "escaped by" option for exporting CSV files so default values for importing/exporting dumps are the same.
      reduced a bit the size of the generated xhtml page
      fixed a bug with null set as default
      no message
      removed ":" at the end of $strCopyTable
      fixed coding inconcistencies
      fixed some typos and re-sorted a bit
      fixed bug #456254 - Crash select on a table
      removed some unnecessary lines of code
      no message
      removed the $is_encoded variable that is unnecessary and which use caused some bugs

Marc Delisle (138):
      add messages
      add entry
      browse table bug
      support FULLTEXT in table copy or dump
      support key length in table copy/dump
      doc. changes for Loic
      message if textarea not editable
      Bug #424237
      mysql_db_query deprecated
      advanced index creation
      small glitch
      remove my debug info :)
      adv. index creation
      adv. index
      Bug 424771
      add message file
      User administration module
      lib.inc.php3 select_db bug
      Save as new row
      Marc Delisle
      Quote Comment field
      Bug 430288
      tbl_properties reorg.
      Empty RunQuery bug
      complete table dump
      data only dump
      hostname in title bar
      italian translation
      german translation
      bug 432091
      bug 433388
      ignore empty fields
      bug 434405
      bug 434608
      remove changes
      bug 434608
      bug 434608
      bug 434608
      bug 434608
      bug 434608
      do not edit blob fields
      add UCFirst
      new script
      small modif
      bug 436108
      patch for illegal index
      patch for illegal index
      language update
      bug 438319
      bug 438749 Database lockout
      minor updates
      bug 439340
      extchg.sh and sub-dir
      bug 439572
      bug 439709
      bug 439565
      Browse link at top
      added FAQ entry
      new script
      remove ^M
      optional re-display of query
      bug 441689
      bugs 441987, 441990
      new drop table link
      bug 442337
      dynamic length
      HTTP compression
      add @
      bug 443318
      Czech updates
      new lang slovak
      bug 443710
      slovak updates
      merge Loic's version
      merge Loic's version
      bug 443760
      extra characters into blobs
      new message
      bad link
      remove control M
      uninitialized vars (PHP3)
      bug 446830
      bug 445722
      merged in Documentation.html
      current value of enums
      bug 445348
      PHP3 compatibility
      bug 447771
      check if isset
      use new variables
      Stop showing BLOB if TEXT
      bug 448226
      bug 442778
      set with no field selected
      bug 444749
      enum values not displayed
      display problem after a Select
      russian updates
      slovak updates
      bug 449800
      bug 451085
      cfgProtectBlob default value
      index creation FAQ
      bug 454477
      bug 455088
      new FAQ
      dutch updates
      sql keywords returned in lowercase
      new romanian lang.
      *** empty log message ***
      new FAQ entry

Olivier Müller (85):
      Initial revision
      starting devel branch
      setting up devel branch (should be ok now :)
      releasing as phpMyAdmin 2.3.0alpha-20010604
      about branch switch
      * set version to 2.2.0rc1
      *** empty log message ***
      added version to <title>
      docs update
      *** empty log message ***
      final update for tonight :)
      *** empty log message ***
      ooops :)
      releasing 2.2.0rc1
      *** empty log message ***
      small changes
      small fixes
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      release 2.2.0rc2
      * set current version number to 2.2.0rc3 (which should become 2.2.0-final)
      2.2.0rc3 release
      *** empty log message ***
      adding Documentation.txt
      path of extchg.sh
      * new script create-release.sh
      corrected path
      * main.php3: fix: display link to user_details.php3 also
      added bz2
      bz2 fix
      2.2.0rc4 release
      rc4 out, welcome rc5 :)
      * db_details.php3: feature request #451138: display # of tables,
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      added select/insert/empty to the top of the page : why only browse ? there is so much space...
      added cvs link
      small things...
      show 2 chars (better if you want to use \t, etc...)
      * db_readdump.php3: if file contains mutiple queries, only show this line:
      added $strInstructions (used in db_readdump)
      docs fixes, removed contents of CREDITS  (is in Documentation.html)
      small new feature: stats overview about all databases of a server
      db_stats: now also show server totals
      display num_tables
      db_stats.php3: added list of 20 biggest db's
      * lib.inc.php3: fixed the socket patch, should work now
      fix over fix :)
      small hack: that way the sockets stuff works, but must be improved
      some more fixes suggested by loic
      D-6 I know, but this way it looks better :)
      more color...
      * config.inc.php3, config.php3, Docs, sql.php3: added configuration variable
      docs -> bold link, more space
      small relooking of start page
      language selection now via a pulldown menu
      cvs chaos fixed :)
      sorry, the   are needed, otherwise netscape doesn't display the background of empty cells
      preparation of cvs tarballs
      ilib.inc.php3: don't add a "/" to $cfgPmaAbsoluteUri if it's empty!
      * tbl_replace.php3: fixed the fact that the function were
      another cvs release
      * db_stats.php3: fixed the sql query so that the script won't
      missing '!'
      set version to 2.2.0
      date format
      * left.php3: on login with std_auth, only the databases on which
      $strInsertAsNewRow = 'Ins�rer en tant que nouvel enregistrement';
      * lib.inc.php3: added a toggle to display the whole text fields on browse
      * lib.inc.php3: now calls show_table_navigation() even if
      *** empty log message ***
      * lang/*: added $strFullStrings and $strCuttedStrings
      the "@" is needed!
      * renamed to $strFullText and $strPartialText
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      back to original setup
      phpMyAdmin 2.2.0-final release

Robin Johnson (25):
      Some functions discussed on patch #419826 added.
      added myself.
      Fix for default type bug.
      Table Maintance features added.
      Language tags for Table Types & Table Maintance
      Trailing slash on help path bug fixed.
      Added notes about what I have done for the project
      comment about table types
      fixed the short '<?' tags to the proper '<?php'
      Fixed the '<?' tags in user_details.php3 to proper '<?php' to work on a wider set of systems.
      user_details.php3, line 664: fixed '<?echo' to '<?php echo' for XML compatiblilty
      Feature 445699, New link "Show PHP information" - implemented on
      $strShowPHPInfo for 'Show PHP information' on main page
      BUG #448206 - Support of table aliases, see SF bug tracker notes about it.
      A fix to my last bugfix about table aliases.
      Patch for Bug #449858 from Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams. First patch used, not second one.
      Bug #450374 - (RC4) + becomes space - patched in tbl_replace.php3
      lib.inc.php3 (788, 790) : tweak size for lower resolution screens
      lib.inc.php3 (788, 790) : tweak size for lower resolution screens - change undone
      config.inc.php3: $cfgServers[1]['connect_type'] how to connect to MySQL server
      line 285: $cfgServer['connect_type'] implemented
      config.inc.php3: $cfgServers[1]['connect_type'] preferred connection type
      * Documentation.html
      lib.inc.php3, db_readdump.php3:

Steve Alberty (124):
      add german strings
      change 'default' table type to localized string
      shows minus instead of plus in empty databases
      small fixes in output
      fixed warnings
      tbl_change, lib.inc - fixed warnings
      add output of table size, speedup on high loaded server
      insert spaceusage & row statistics, small fixes in output
      change presentation of usage table
      suppress Table Maintenance, Comment and Type for MySQL Version < 3.23
      suppress Table Maintenance in MySQL < 3.23
      regards capability of mysql installation to view different table types
      regards capability of mysql installation
      fixed small bugs with table type
      add some strings
      some changes
      change a function
      add option cfgSkipLockedTables
      add summary view and locked tables support
      add strSum
      correct sum output
      correct function format_byte_down
      add string
      fixes serious problem
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      add some header information
      Speed up table copy
      add 3 strings
      merge with db_dump.php
      change to tbl_dump.php3
      merge tbl_dump and db_dump
      merge with db_dump.php
      add 3 new Constants
      add support for dynamic mysql extension
      change version to constant
      add phpMyAdmin Version
      add string
      delete db_dump.php3
      minor changes
      remove double include
      fixed bug
      split get_table_content
      add this file
      some fixes
      add phpversion string
      make dl safemode safety
      minor changes
      fixes tbl_dump
      add support for alter table order by
      add 2 strings
      fixed dl bug
      fix minor bug under PHP3 with space usage display
      correct Analisiere'
      add a string
      add row length average
      avg row size
      fix division by zero error
      enlarge binary protection to (var)char binary types
      fix disfigurement if table size 0 Bytes
      remove display Avg_row_length if zero
      add my credit
      fix minor bug
      fix display error
      change set_time_limit in get_table_content_fast
      disable nowrap on enum and set <td>'s
      make it possible to edit empty binary fields
      print '0' instead of '' if result count < SelectNumRows
      same changes
      add trouble detection if insert field failed
      block table rename if newname empty
      convert german umlaut
      translate some strings
      fix bug #442493
      suppres warnings
      remove warnings
      remove warnings if you update 'set' and nothing is selected
      fix incorrect size calculation with merge tables
      fix incorrect size calculation with merge tables
      correct small display bugs
      complement list of 'show' options to
      fix parameter count
      make source readable
      add two descriptions
      add warning if table name empty
      add a string
      remove > before anchor
      small fix
      fix confirm bug with the new backquotes
      translate 2 strings
      mysql_die2 to mysql_die
      mysql_die2 to mysql_die
      translate qbe strings
      german umlauts
      fixed problem with table size display and MERGE tables
      remove some warnings in higher errorlevel
      fixed problems with non-isam tables
      add size for head table support
      convert html entities to german umlauts
      fixed #444017
      fixed #444542
      loic changes
      remove warning under Apache 2.0.23-dev
      remove warning in a new row if a 'set' field is not selected
      add  questioning
      translate 2 strings
      translate 2 strings
      improve mysql version query
      minor changes
      remove bug with no default server
      translate ShowPHPInfo
      prevent to use dl() if dl not exists (PHP5)
      translate a string
      suppress warning
      remove warnings
      translate some strings
      translate some strings
      translate some strings
      translate string
      translate a string
      translate a string



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