[Phpmyadmin-git] [SCM] phpMyAdmin annotated tag, RELEASE_2_10_0RC1, updated. RELEASE_2_10_0RC1

Michal Čihař nijel at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Mar 12 13:27:48 CET 2010

The annotated tag, RELEASE_2_10_0RC1 has been updated
        to  874bfd4a8999c09df31d712290152d3547a1c2e4 (tag)
      from  8384b6a38d8e291a3fd874f33f9453e509f86808 (which is now obsolete)
   tagging  be83bcc3372facec8de21900910afaccee9f7b7f (commit)
  replaces  RELEASE_2_9_0
 tagged by  Michal Čihař
        on  Tue Feb 16 13:58:50 2010 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Imported SVN tag for RELEASE_2_10_0RC1

Marc Delisle (164):
      oops 2.10.0-dev
      bug #1534475, arbitrary server not taken into account
      bug #1533945, wrong table name in header (SELECT from query window)
      bug #1536112, config not loaded on MySQL error 2002 or 2003
      bug 1492772, SQL parsing EXTRACT YEAR_MONTH
      bug 1534007, STD function not working
      bug #1519799, imagelink error
      bug #1519799, imagelink error
      feature #1520222, calendar in Search
      more complete check before showing Relation View
      sorting on column header
      do not display BLOBs on PDF export
      bug #1542875 Cookie auth on IIS
      bug #1536112, better fix (in case of register_globals enabled)
      bug #1544692, version breaks setup.php
      bug #1544779, undefined variable on db copy
      bug #1544734, error messages link outdated
      bug #1543996 wrong link to doc
      removed leading tabs
      patch #1523543, possibility of vertical line between frames
      Windkiel is not his name
      bug #1542865, themes not switching
      ignore differences for doc_lang
      bug #1549824, SQL history and quote escape
      bug #1554166, magic_quotes_runtime problems
      bug #1555760, export default parameter broken
      bug #1556934, SQL compatibility mode on export
      rename a function borrowed from Moodle to avoid double definition when PMA is called by Moodle
      remove profiling
      bug #1560152, after renaming a table the navigation does not work
      bug #1519859, avoid overflow on 64-bit machines
      correct syntax for blocking access to libraries
      bug #1566904, typo
      fix for attack via FILES
      security fixes
      trap error 1452 when adding a foreign key and the constraint fails
      bug #1550690, wrong export of constraints
      bug #1568341, case sensitivity in db names
      starting changes for new distribution kits
      bug #1568341, last part of the fix
      use lang-cleanup.sh from kit because we will upgrade the release scripts in all branches
      list all files
      allow non-anonymous access
      allow non-anonymous access
      bug 1562533, unbuffered queries
      document FontFamily, FontFamilyFixed
      bug #1564409, default in FontFamily
      bug #1566219, automated timestamp values
      bug #1517428, CSS, IE 6 and output compression
      select all tables in the export list
      bug #1541189, views not displayed in export list
      export nothing if no tables are selected
      bug #1567316, renaming a db containing view
      bug #1567316, renaming a db containing a view
      must rebuild the db list after a CREATE DATABASE
      wrong parameter when calling error.php
      undefined index
      unused images
      support internal relations also on unique keys, not only on primary keys
      bug #1599173
      bug #1597019, wrong error message when foreign key is not the same data type as referenced key
      french update
      remove references to phpMyDesigner.net, asked by Ivan
      typo (formated)
      missing strHelp
      get rid of pmd_config.php
      rename pmd_session.php to pmd_common.php
      designer missing messages
      designer: fix some of the js errors
      remove unneeded calls, and very if internal relations are enabled before trying to create one
      users can now toggle the display of the Function column from the interface
      missing message
      bug #1602335, browse distinct values and name containing a quote
      bug #1579701: error listing bookmarks
      spanish update
      patch #1605032, undefined index
      missing HTML tag
      grant all privileges on wildcard name: did not work as intended
      bug #1603660, incorrect escaping
      bug #1589611, problem on 64-bit systems
      checks that the header contains only one IP
      remove uva prefix
      patch #1595784, add charset information to SQL exported file
      allow caching of phpmyadmin.css.php
      duplicated line, committed too fast
      problem changing a TIMESTAMP to DEFAULT 0
      bug #1610314, incomplete detection of binary columns
      bug #1607282, add warning for loss of auto_increment due to a bug in older MySQL
      bug #1615313, doc refers to auth_type HTTP so enable it
      wrong link for RFC
      bug #1619647, export of query results should not contain procedure definitions
      patch #1611684 part 2, other issues with the caching of phpmyadmin.css.php
      set local_query only if we are exporting data
      bug #1621280, support VIEW dependencies during export
      french updates
      patch #1592366, using a host name as a URL parameter
      FAQ 3.4 refers to older mysqldump versions
      RFE #1621025, show SQL statements in Relation View
      add functions HEX and UNHEX in the list of functions for Insert/Edit
      bug #1590083, DefaultConnectionCollation ignored in config.inc.php
      RFE #1602243, another cause for Missing parameter
      RFE #1548637, option to not display record counts for views
      designer: support for MSIE 6 and various fixes
      undefined pdf_page_number
      bug #1614087, deleting a user having a
      avoid text selection when moving a table object in MSIE 6
      better icon for Designer
      bug #1538132, remove the setting of session.save_handler to 'files'
      patch #1627831, English language improvements - also, abstract some messages to lang
      prevent attack on the session name cookie
      estonian update
      designer: snap to grid/display field
      patch #1611684 additionnal change
      forgot this file
      turkish update
      end of lines
      designer and display field
      bug #1638267, wrong reserved word recognition
      bug #1635377, superfluous backslash
      workaround for slow INFORMATION_SCHEMA queries about views
      button for direct/angular links
      French update
      French update
      get rid of propicon
      LeftLogoLinkWindow; main.php links target

Michal Čihař (88):
      Improve readibility (patch #1539976), thanks to Isaac Bennetch - ibennetch.
      translation update
      Fix charset header of exported HTML/XLS file (bug #1541100).
      Add single signon authentication method (patch #1545366, patch #1541379, patch #1531302 and RFE #1031391).
      Add support for LogoutURL.
      Fix typo.
      Add minimal sample configuration, so that lazy people won't copy libraries/config.default.php (RFE #1544570).
      Add minimal sample configuration, so that lazy people won't copy libraries/config.default.php (RFE #1544570).
      Add minimal sample configuration, so that lazy people won't copy libraries/config.default.php (RFE #1544570).
      translation update
      translation update
      Fix charset information.
      Internationalise link to MySQL documentation when translation exists, this needs to be defined in language file (RFE #1547130).
      forgot to commit changelog...
      Add link to wiki explaining configuration options.
      Fix table footer when MySQL does not support collations (bug #1554885, patch #1557269, thanks to Isaac Bennetch - ibennetch).
      Add phpdoc header comment.
      Removed unused file.
      Sync token name, move it's definition to one place (bug #1569612).
      Sync token name.
      Fix Wikipedia URLs (patch #1568498).
      Fix duplicate ids (patch #1568504).
      Add support for UTC_DATE, UTC_TIME and UTC_TIMESTAMP functions, based on patch #1563585, thanks to Alexander Schuch - ci-dev.
      Fix order of includes (bug #1569277).
      Improve create-release.sh, add scripts/lang-cleanup.sh for removing languages
      remove unused code
      Fix typo (translation #1570611).
      Fix typo (translation #1467138).
      Correctly fail if file is too short (bug #1574340).
      Fix displaying of entered query.
      Check for sent headers, provide backtrace in this case.
      Fix MIME type and extension to state before plugins were introduced (patch #1570742, thanks to ssevennm - ssevennm).
      Fix parsing of CHAR column type (bug #1573502).
      Finalise SVN migration.
      Mention wiki.
      Readd snapshot support.
      Move cleanup to separate function (bug #1569123).
      Switch to subversion.
      Mention wiki.
      Switch to subversion.
      Fix cvs/csv typo.
      Use HeadURL instead of Source keyword.
      Remove last CVS mentions.
      Rename left.php to navigation.php and modify all calls to that. Only config variables are kept as Left*.
      Switch to \n on Mac, as it is reported to be common EOL there now (bug #1577590).
      Fix HTML errors.
      Add support for ON DUPLICATE KEY (bug #1576226).
      Add support for hiding server information.
      Correctly handle unix timestamp (RFE #1440386).
      Support displaying in UTC (RFE #1440386).
      fix behaviour when invalid string is specified
      Write own parser so that quoting is optional (RFE #1579163).
      remove spaces from end/beginning
      Change help to fit current behaviour (RFE #1579163).
      Let's again obey TextareaRows (bug #1465906).
      Keep 0 in exported auto_increment fields (bug #1440544).
      Fix setting of navigation width when using RTL lang (bug #1579750).
      Rename left_header to navigation_header.
      argh, commited not final version...
      Rename db_details_db_info.inc.php to db_info.inc.php.
      Rename db_details_db_info.inc.php to db_info.inc.php.
      Fix escaping of long query with js (thanks to Erwin for report).
      Allow to edit small number of fields vertically and lange number horizontally (RFE #1581773).
      Fix cvs/csv typo (bug #1583509).
      Rename tbl_* files to drop useless _properties part.
      Rename db_* files to drop useless _details part.
      Add backward compatibility code to affect above renaming.
      Check before commit!
      Fix XSS on table comment.
      Fix path disclossure while passing array as some params.
      Trust only listed proxies for IP Allow/Deny.
      Define headers which to trust in configuration, thanks for help with this to Christian Schmidt, Peytz & Co.
      Fix XSS on database comment, thanks to laurent gaffié.
      Improve docs.
      Fix typos (bug #1597137).
      Fix check for encrypted file (bug #1596304).
      translation update
      Add IF NOT EXISTS to CREATE DATABASE query (RFE #1608372), reload navigation after creating database.
      Use correct links (patch #1607236).
      translation update
      translation update
      translation update
      Add <div> to allow selecting whole SQL by tripple click (patch #1611591).
      DELIMITER should not be commented out (bug #1612870).
      security fixes
      translation update
      Make server switching honour more server settings (patch #1630104).
      translation update

Sebastian Mendel (21):
      updated themes to 2.9 and some minor fixes
      lang/german: Updated
      replaced $dblist with new PMA_List_Database class
      new PMA_List_Database class (i knew there was something missing ...)
      added error reporting if dblist retrieval from information_schema fails
      remember navigation frame width
      fixed initial navi width settings, replaced var/cookie name with pma_navi_width
      fixed remembering navi width for Opera
      new PMA_List class
      moved some more code into class, some documentation improvements
      use @todo tag for todo items, to show up in generated documentation
      doc typo
      more documentation fixes
      refactored output buffer functions
      *new* JavaScript from left.php
      forgot closing script-tag
      added second optional parameter: $sql_query
      make use of new second PMA_showMessage() parameter



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