[Phpmyadmin-git] [SCM] phpMyAdmin annotated tag, RELEASE_3_4_3_1, created. RELEASE_3_4_3_1

Marc Delisle lem9 at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jul 3 03:21:53 CEST 2011

The annotated tag, RELEASE_3_4_3_1 has been created
        at  11bdba6ae1a4484650f032d36842cf4c4c341be2 (tag)
   tagging  e214683f9fe4955dcbf0ffce045983728c7fa9d3 (commit)
  replaces  RELEASE_3_4_3
 tagged by  Marc Delisle
        on  Sat Jul 2 21:19:05 2011 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Herman van Rink (4):
      Fixed possible session manipulation in swekey authentication, see PMASA-2011-5
      Fixed possible code injection incase session variables are compromised, see PMASA-2011-6
      Fixed regexp quoting issue in Synchronize code, see PMASA-2011-7
      Fixed filtering of a file path, which allowed for directory traversal, see PMASA-2011-8

Marc Delisle (1): release



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