[Phpmyadmin-git] [SCM] phpMyAdmin annotated tag, RELEASE_3_4_4RC1, created. RELEASE_3_4_4RC1

Marc Delisle lem9 at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jul 25 16:27:30 CEST 2011

The annotated tag, RELEASE_3_4_4RC1 has been created
        at  cd734e3e4f11f3ba14b6ee84fe4c2d2c964af911 (tag)
   tagging  09b30b8b6e462aafc24cc32a78491cd9513305c6 (commit)
  replaces  RELEASE_3_4_3_1
 tagged by  Marc Delisle
        on  Mon Jul 25 10:20:14 2011 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Released 3.4.4-rc1

Herman van Rink (5):
      Reverted some missing special chars in Changelog
      Another case of XSS
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'security/MAINT_3_4_3-security' into MAINT_3_4_3-security
      [security] Fixed local file inclusion vulnerability and code execution, see PMASA-2011-11
      [security] Fixed possible session manipulation in swekey authentication, see PMASA-2011-12

Jørgen Thomsen (1):
      Fix format parameters

Madhura Jayaratne (5):
      bug #3348995 [config] $cfg['Export']['asfile'] set to false does not select asText option
      bug #3340151 [export] Working SQL query exports error page
      bug #3357837 [interface] TABbing through a NULL field in the inline mode resets NULL
      bug #3367986 [navi] Drop field -> lost active table

Marc Delisle (15):
      3.4.3 release
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4 release
      XSS on table Print view
      ChangeLog for PMASA-2011-9
      Local file inclusion vulnerability
      Fix broken characters
      remove version number in /setup
      Remove misleading comment on the "Rename database" interface
      ChangeLog entry for bug #3374347 release date
      Fix merge conflicts
      bug #3358750 [core] With Suhosin, urls are too long in edit links

Michal Čihař (14):
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4
      Merge branch 'MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4
      Avoid double escaping
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/MAINT_3_4_3' into QA_3_4
      Add definition for Breton
      Update translations from master
      Fix error when gettext is not yet loaded and we want to warn.
      Pass token along with swekey auth requests
      Update translations from master
      Add changelog entries

Piotr Przybylski (4):
      Improve readability of XML export code
      Better escaping in XML export
      Fix XML export so it actually can export table structure
      Fix CodeGen export

Rouslan Placella (9):
      Fixed bug #3323060 - SQL parser breaks AJAX requests if query has unclosed quotes
      Fixed bug #3323101 - Invalid escape sequence in SQL parser
      Fixed changelog (bugfixes for 3.4.4, were filed under 3.4.3)
      Fix for bug #3353649 - "Create an index on X columns" form not validated
      Fix for bug #3350790 - JS error in Table->Structure->Index->Edit
      Fix for bug #3353811 - Info message has "error" class
      tabs -> spaces
      Fixed bug #3367993 - Missing "Generate Password" button
      Fixed bug #3363221 - Missing Server Parameter on inline sql query

Sven Strickroth (2):
      Do not call PMA_showHint with bbcode=true in display_tbl.lib.php
      Do not add backquotes for normal displayed text



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