[Phpmyadmin-git] [phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin] 9f179d: Coding style improvements - mostly doc comments

Madhura Jayaratne madhura.cj at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 01:38:24 CET 2012

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin
  Commit: 9f179dddc2f725d8c4276b80b587d162ae1b669d
  Author: Madhura Jayaratne <madhura.cj at gmail.com>
  Date:   2012-03-20 (Tue, 20 Mar 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M libraries/List.class.php
  M libraries/Message.class.php
  M libraries/RecentTable.class.php
  M libraries/common.lib.php
  M libraries/mime.lib.php
  M libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php
  M libraries/plugin_interface.lib.php
  M libraries/sanitizing.lib.php
  M libraries/select_lang.lib.php
  M libraries/select_server.lib.php
  M libraries/server_links.inc.php
  M libraries/sqlvalidator.class.php

  Log Message:
  Coding style improvements - mostly doc comments

  Commit: ac83360796d3667a2b3f4b991fa532a4bcbc80e6
  Author: Madhura Jayaratne <madhura.cj at gmail.com>
  Date:   2012-03-20 (Tue, 20 Mar 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M libraries/List_Database.class.php
  M libraries/PDF.class.php
  M libraries/PMA.php
  M libraries/mult_submits.inc.php
  M libraries/navigation_header.inc.php
  M libraries/opendocument.lib.php
  M libraries/parse_analyze.lib.php
  M libraries/pmd_common.php
  M libraries/relation.lib.php
  M libraries/relation_cleanup.lib.php
  M libraries/replication.inc.php
  M libraries/server_common.inc.php
  M libraries/server_synchronize.lib.php
  M libraries/session.inc.php
  M libraries/sql_query_form.lib.php

  Log Message:
  Coding style improvements

  Commit: b531455738566df05724cf9b18bcb3327971aa8a
  Author: Madhura Jayaratne <madhura.cj at gmail.com>
  Date:   2012-03-20 (Tue, 20 Mar 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M ChangeLog
  M Documentation.html
  M browse_foreigners.php
  M changelog.php
  M chk_rel.php
  M db_create.php
  M db_datadict.php
  M db_events.php
  M db_export.php
  M db_import.php
  M db_operations.php
  M db_printview.php
  M db_qbe.php
  M db_routines.php
  M db_search.php
  M db_sql.php
  M db_structure.php
  M db_tracking.php
  M db_triggers.php
  M enum_editor.php
  M examples/openid.php
  M examples/signon.php
  M export.php
  M file_echo.php
  M gis_data_editor.php
  M import.php
  M import_status.php
  M index.php
  M js/codemirror/mode/mysql/mysql.js
  M js/functions.js
  M js/makegrid.js
  M js/navigation.js
  M js/pmd/history.js
  M js/server_privileges.js
  M js/server_status.js
  M js/server_status_monitor.js
  M libraries/List_Database.class.php
  M libraries/Theme_Manager.class.php
  M libraries/auth/config.auth.lib.php
  M libraries/auth/cookie.auth.lib.php
  M libraries/auth/swekey/swekey.auth.lib.php
  M libraries/build_html_for_db.lib.php
  M libraries/common.inc.php
  M libraries/common.lib.php
  M libraries/config.default.php
  M libraries/core.lib.php
  M libraries/display_select_lang.lib.php
  M libraries/display_tbl.lib.php
  M libraries/error.inc.php
  M libraries/export/sql.php
  M libraries/header.inc.php
  M libraries/header_meta_style.inc.php
  M libraries/header_printview.inc.php
  M libraries/mult_submits.inc.php
  M libraries/mysql_charsets.lib.php
  M libraries/relation.lib.php
  M libraries/replication_gui.lib.php
  M libraries/schema/User_Schema.class.php
  M libraries/sql_query_form.lib.php
  M libraries/sqlvalidator.lib.php
  M libraries/tbl_properties.inc.php
  M libraries/tcpdf/tcpdf.php
  M license.php
  M main.php
  M navigation.php
  M phpinfo.php
  M phpmyadmin.css.php
  M pmd_display_field.php
  M pmd_general.php
  M pmd_pdf.php
  M pmd_relation_new.php
  M pmd_relation_upd.php
  M pmd_save_pos.php
  M po/af.po
  M po/ar.po
  M po/az.po
  M po/be.po
  M po/be at latin.po
  M po/bg.po
  M po/bn.po
  M po/br.po
  M po/bs.po
  M po/ca.po
  M po/cs.po
  M po/cy.po
  M po/da.po
  M po/de.po
  M po/el.po
  M po/en_GB.po
  M po/es.po
  M po/et.po
  M po/eu.po
  M po/fa.po
  M po/fi.po
  M po/fr.po
  M po/gl.po
  M po/he.po
  M po/hi.po
  M po/hr.po
  M po/hu.po
  M po/id.po
  M po/it.po
  M po/ja.po
  M po/ka.po
  M po/ko.po
  M po/lt.po
  M po/lv.po
  M po/mk.po
  M po/ml.po
  M po/mn.po
  M po/ms.po
  M po/nb.po
  M po/nl.po
  M po/phpmyadmin.pot
  M po/pl.po
  M po/pt.po
  M po/pt_BR.po
  M po/ro.po
  M po/ru.po
  M po/si.po
  M po/sk.po
  M po/sl.po
  M po/sq.po
  M po/sr.po
  M po/sr at latin.po
  M po/sv.po
  M po/ta.po
  M po/te.po
  M po/th.po
  M po/tk.po
  M po/tr.po
  M po/tt.po
  M po/ug.po
  M po/uk.po
  M po/ur.po
  M po/uz.po
  M po/uz at latin.po
  M po/zh_CN.po
  M po/zh_TW.po
  M prefs_forms.php
  M prefs_manage.php
  M querywindow.php
  M schema_edit.php
  M schema_export.php
  M scripts/decode_bug.php
  M server_binlog.php
  M server_collations.php
  M server_databases.php
  M server_engines.php
  M server_export.php
  M server_import.php
  M server_plugins.php
  M server_privileges.php
  M server_replication.php
  M server_sql.php
  M server_status.php
  M server_synchronize.php
  M server_variables.php
  M setup/frames/index.inc.php
  M setup/index.php
  M show_config_errors.php
  M sql.php
  M tbl_addfield.php
  M tbl_alter.php
  M tbl_change.php
  M tbl_chart.php
  M tbl_create.php
  M tbl_export.php
  M tbl_get_field.php
  M tbl_gis_visualization.php
  M tbl_import.php
  M tbl_indexes.php
  M tbl_move_copy.php
  M tbl_operations.php
  M tbl_printview.php
  M tbl_relation.php
  M tbl_replace.php
  M tbl_row_action.php
  M tbl_select.php
  M tbl_sql.php
  M tbl_structure.php
  M tbl_zoom_select.php
  M test/libraries/core/PMA_getLinks_test.php
  M test/theme.php
  M themes.php
  M themes/original/css/theme_right.css.php
  M themes/pmahomme/css/theme_right.css.php
  M transformation_overview.php

  Log Message:
  Merge branch 'master' of github.com:phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin


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