[phpMyAdmin Git] [phpmyadmin/localized_docs] e92ee5: Add phpmyadmin source as submodule

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Tue Apr 5 10:40:52 CEST 2016

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/phpmyadmin/localized_docs
  Commit: e92ee59145f9dd587b2fdb6773b5aa4aec4dde89
  Author: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>
  Date:   2016-04-05 (Tue, 05 Apr 2016)

  Changed paths:
    A .gitmodules
    A phpmyadmin

  Log Message:
  Add phpmyadmin source as submodule

This will avoid need to copy the documentation sources.

Signed-off-by: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>

  Commit: 1424eb58324a439c3b731844829c91781c38ac00
  Author: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>
  Date:   2016-04-05 (Tue, 05 Apr 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M Makefile
    A examples
    R examples/config.manyhosts.inc.php
    R examples/openid.php
    R examples/signon-script.php
    R examples/signon.php
    R examples/swekey.sample.conf
    R source/.gitignore
    R source/Makefile
    R source/_ext/configext.py
    R source/conf.py
    R source/config.rst
    R source/copyright.rst
    R source/credits.rst
    R source/developers.rst
    R source/faq.rst
    R source/glossary.rst
    R source/import_export.rst
    R source/index.rst
    R source/intro.rst
    R source/make.bat
    R source/other.rst
    R source/privileges.rst
    R source/require.rst
    R source/setup.rst
    R source/transformations.rst
    R source/user.rst
    R source/vendors.rst

  Log Message:
  Adjust build system to use new submodule instead of copy

Signed-off-by: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>

  Commit: ccbf4b8eb27bc343ffc4a3cd3c22ac638e744af5
  Author: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>
  Date:   2016-04-05 (Tue, 05 Apr 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M phpmyadmin

  Log Message:
  Update submodule

Signed-off-by: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>

  Commit: 323e03fb3221176e634b2624eb6bcfc53a989aad
  Author: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>
  Date:   2016-04-05 (Tue, 05 Apr 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M README.rst

  Log Message:
  Update documentation

Signed-off-by: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>

  Commit: 7c3bf5a48729c5ea289123fcea49eb7d76c66990
  Author: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>
  Date:   2016-04-05 (Tue, 05 Apr 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M docs/ar/Makefile
    M docs/ar/_ext
    M docs/ar/conf.py
    M docs/ar/config.rst
    M docs/ar/copyright.rst
    M docs/ar/credits.rst
    M docs/ar/developers.rst
    M docs/ar/faq.rst
    M docs/ar/glossary.rst
    M docs/ar/import_export.rst
    M docs/ar/index.rst
    M docs/ar/intro.rst
    M docs/ar/make.bat
    M docs/ar/other.rst
    M docs/ar/privileges.rst
    M docs/ar/require.rst
    M docs/ar/setup.rst
    M docs/ar/transformations.rst
    M docs/ar/user.rst
    M docs/ar/vendors.rst
    M docs/az/Makefile
    M docs/az/_ext
    M docs/az/conf.py
    M docs/az/config.rst
    M docs/az/copyright.rst
    M docs/az/credits.rst
    M docs/az/developers.rst
    M docs/az/faq.rst
    M docs/az/glossary.rst
    M docs/az/import_export.rst
    M docs/az/index.rst
    M docs/az/intro.rst
    M docs/az/make.bat
    M docs/az/other.rst
    M docs/az/privileges.rst
    M docs/az/require.rst
    M docs/az/setup.rst
    M docs/az/transformations.rst
    M docs/az/user.rst
    M docs/az/vendors.rst
    M docs/bs/Makefile
    M docs/bs/_ext
    M docs/bs/conf.py
    M docs/bs/config.rst
    M docs/bs/copyright.rst
    M docs/bs/credits.rst
    M docs/bs/developers.rst
    M docs/bs/faq.rst
    M docs/bs/glossary.rst
    M docs/bs/import_export.rst
    M docs/bs/index.rst
    M docs/bs/intro.rst
    M docs/bs/make.bat
    M docs/bs/other.rst
    M docs/bs/privileges.rst
    M docs/bs/require.rst
    M docs/bs/setup.rst
    M docs/bs/transformations.rst
    M docs/bs/user.rst
    M docs/bs/vendors.rst
    M docs/ca/Makefile
    M docs/ca/_ext
    M docs/ca/conf.py
    M docs/ca/config.rst
    M docs/ca/copyright.rst
    M docs/ca/credits.rst
    M docs/ca/developers.rst
    M docs/ca/faq.rst
    M docs/ca/glossary.rst
    M docs/ca/import_export.rst
    M docs/ca/index.rst
    M docs/ca/intro.rst
    M docs/ca/make.bat
    M docs/ca/other.rst
    M docs/ca/privileges.rst
    M docs/ca/require.rst
    M docs/ca/setup.rst
    M docs/ca/transformations.rst
    M docs/ca/user.rst
    M docs/ca/vendors.rst
    M docs/cs/Makefile
    M docs/cs/_ext
    M docs/cs/conf.py
    M docs/cs/config.rst
    M docs/cs/copyright.rst
    M docs/cs/credits.rst
    M docs/cs/developers.rst
    M docs/cs/faq.rst
    M docs/cs/glossary.rst
    M docs/cs/import_export.rst
    M docs/cs/index.rst
    M docs/cs/intro.rst
    M docs/cs/make.bat
    M docs/cs/other.rst
    M docs/cs/privileges.rst
    M docs/cs/require.rst
    M docs/cs/setup.rst
    M docs/cs/transformations.rst
    M docs/cs/user.rst
    M docs/cs/vendors.rst
    M docs/da/Makefile
    M docs/da/_ext
    M docs/da/conf.py
    M docs/da/config.rst
    M docs/da/copyright.rst
    M docs/da/credits.rst
    M docs/da/developers.rst
    M docs/da/faq.rst
    M docs/da/glossary.rst
    M docs/da/import_export.rst
    M docs/da/index.rst
    M docs/da/intro.rst
    M docs/da/make.bat
    M docs/da/other.rst
    M docs/da/privileges.rst
    M docs/da/require.rst
    M docs/da/setup.rst
    M docs/da/transformations.rst
    M docs/da/user.rst
    M docs/da/vendors.rst
    M docs/de/Makefile
    M docs/de/_ext
    M docs/de/conf.py
    M docs/de/config.rst
    M docs/de/copyright.rst
    M docs/de/credits.rst
    M docs/de/developers.rst
    M docs/de/faq.rst
    M docs/de/glossary.rst
    M docs/de/import_export.rst
    M docs/de/index.rst
    M docs/de/intro.rst
    M docs/de/make.bat
    M docs/de/other.rst
    M docs/de/privileges.rst
    M docs/de/require.rst
    M docs/de/setup.rst
    M docs/de/transformations.rst
    M docs/de/user.rst
    M docs/de/vendors.rst
    M docs/el/Makefile
    M docs/el/_ext
    M docs/el/conf.py
    M docs/el/config.rst
    M docs/el/copyright.rst
    M docs/el/credits.rst
    M docs/el/developers.rst
    M docs/el/faq.rst
    M docs/el/glossary.rst
    M docs/el/import_export.rst
    M docs/el/index.rst
    M docs/el/intro.rst
    M docs/el/make.bat
    M docs/el/other.rst
    M docs/el/privileges.rst
    M docs/el/require.rst
    M docs/el/setup.rst
    M docs/el/transformations.rst
    M docs/el/user.rst
    M docs/el/vendors.rst
    M docs/en_GB/Makefile
    M docs/en_GB/_ext
    M docs/en_GB/conf.py
    M docs/en_GB/config.rst
    M docs/en_GB/copyright.rst
    M docs/en_GB/credits.rst
    M docs/en_GB/developers.rst
    M docs/en_GB/faq.rst
    M docs/en_GB/glossary.rst
    M docs/en_GB/import_export.rst
    M docs/en_GB/index.rst
    M docs/en_GB/intro.rst
    M docs/en_GB/make.bat
    M docs/en_GB/other.rst
    M docs/en_GB/privileges.rst
    M docs/en_GB/require.rst
    M docs/en_GB/setup.rst
    M docs/en_GB/transformations.rst
    M docs/en_GB/user.rst
    M docs/en_GB/vendors.rst
    M docs/es/Makefile
    M docs/es/_ext
    M docs/es/conf.py
    M docs/es/config.rst
    M docs/es/copyright.rst
    M docs/es/credits.rst
    M docs/es/developers.rst
    M docs/es/faq.rst
    M docs/es/glossary.rst
    M docs/es/import_export.rst
    M docs/es/index.rst
    M docs/es/intro.rst
    M docs/es/make.bat
    M docs/es/other.rst
    M docs/es/privileges.rst
    M docs/es/require.rst
    M docs/es/setup.rst
    M docs/es/transformations.rst
    M docs/es/user.rst
    M docs/es/vendors.rst
    M docs/et/Makefile
    M docs/et/_ext
    M docs/et/conf.py
    M docs/et/config.rst
    M docs/et/copyright.rst
    M docs/et/credits.rst
    M docs/et/developers.rst
    M docs/et/faq.rst
    M docs/et/glossary.rst
    M docs/et/import_export.rst
    M docs/et/index.rst
    M docs/et/intro.rst
    M docs/et/make.bat
    M docs/et/other.rst
    M docs/et/privileges.rst
    M docs/et/require.rst
    M docs/et/setup.rst
    M docs/et/transformations.rst
    M docs/et/user.rst
    M docs/et/vendors.rst
    M docs/fi/Makefile
    M docs/fi/_ext
    M docs/fi/conf.py
    M docs/fi/config.rst
    M docs/fi/copyright.rst
    M docs/fi/credits.rst
    M docs/fi/developers.rst
    M docs/fi/faq.rst
    M docs/fi/glossary.rst
    M docs/fi/import_export.rst
    M docs/fi/index.rst
    M docs/fi/intro.rst
    M docs/fi/make.bat
    M docs/fi/other.rst
    M docs/fi/privileges.rst
    M docs/fi/require.rst
    M docs/fi/setup.rst
    M docs/fi/transformations.rst
    M docs/fi/user.rst
    M docs/fi/vendors.rst
    M docs/fr/Makefile
    M docs/fr/_ext
    M docs/fr/conf.py
    M docs/fr/config.rst
    M docs/fr/copyright.rst
    M docs/fr/credits.rst
    M docs/fr/developers.rst
    M docs/fr/faq.rst
    M docs/fr/glossary.rst
    M docs/fr/import_export.rst
    M docs/fr/index.rst
    M docs/fr/intro.rst
    M docs/fr/make.bat
    M docs/fr/other.rst
    M docs/fr/privileges.rst
    M docs/fr/require.rst
    M docs/fr/setup.rst
    M docs/fr/transformations.rst
    M docs/fr/user.rst
    M docs/fr/vendors.rst
    M docs/fy/Makefile
    M docs/fy/_ext
    M docs/fy/conf.py
    M docs/fy/config.rst
    M docs/fy/copyright.rst
    M docs/fy/credits.rst
    M docs/fy/developers.rst
    M docs/fy/faq.rst
    M docs/fy/glossary.rst
    M docs/fy/import_export.rst
    M docs/fy/index.rst
    M docs/fy/intro.rst
    M docs/fy/make.bat
    M docs/fy/other.rst
    M docs/fy/privileges.rst
    M docs/fy/require.rst
    M docs/fy/setup.rst
    M docs/fy/transformations.rst
    M docs/fy/user.rst
    M docs/fy/vendors.rst
    M docs/gl/Makefile
    M docs/gl/_ext
    M docs/gl/conf.py
    M docs/gl/config.rst
    M docs/gl/copyright.rst
    M docs/gl/credits.rst
    M docs/gl/developers.rst
    M docs/gl/faq.rst
    M docs/gl/glossary.rst
    M docs/gl/import_export.rst
    M docs/gl/index.rst
    M docs/gl/intro.rst
    M docs/gl/make.bat
    M docs/gl/other.rst
    M docs/gl/privileges.rst
    M docs/gl/require.rst
    M docs/gl/setup.rst
    M docs/gl/transformations.rst
    M docs/gl/user.rst
    M docs/gl/vendors.rst
    M docs/hu/Makefile
    M docs/hu/_ext
    M docs/hu/conf.py
    M docs/hu/config.rst
    M docs/hu/copyright.rst
    M docs/hu/credits.rst
    M docs/hu/developers.rst
    M docs/hu/faq.rst
    M docs/hu/glossary.rst
    M docs/hu/import_export.rst
    M docs/hu/index.rst
    M docs/hu/intro.rst
    M docs/hu/make.bat
    M docs/hu/other.rst
    M docs/hu/privileges.rst
    M docs/hu/require.rst
    M docs/hu/setup.rst
    M docs/hu/transformations.rst
    M docs/hu/user.rst
    M docs/hu/vendors.rst
    M docs/hy/Makefile
    M docs/hy/_ext
    M docs/hy/conf.py
    M docs/hy/config.rst
    M docs/hy/copyright.rst
    M docs/hy/credits.rst
    M docs/hy/developers.rst
    M docs/hy/faq.rst
    M docs/hy/glossary.rst
    M docs/hy/import_export.rst
    M docs/hy/index.rst
    M docs/hy/intro.rst
    M docs/hy/make.bat
    M docs/hy/other.rst
    M docs/hy/privileges.rst
    M docs/hy/require.rst
    M docs/hy/setup.rst
    M docs/hy/transformations.rst
    M docs/hy/user.rst
    M docs/hy/vendors.rst
    M docs/it/Makefile
    M docs/it/_ext
    M docs/it/conf.py
    M docs/it/config.rst
    M docs/it/copyright.rst
    M docs/it/credits.rst
    M docs/it/developers.rst
    M docs/it/faq.rst
    M docs/it/glossary.rst
    M docs/it/import_export.rst
    M docs/it/index.rst
    M docs/it/intro.rst
    M docs/it/make.bat
    M docs/it/other.rst
    M docs/it/privileges.rst
    M docs/it/require.rst
    M docs/it/setup.rst
    M docs/it/transformations.rst
    M docs/it/user.rst
    M docs/it/vendors.rst
    M docs/ja/Makefile
    M docs/ja/_ext
    M docs/ja/conf.py
    M docs/ja/config.rst
    M docs/ja/copyright.rst
    M docs/ja/credits.rst
    M docs/ja/developers.rst
    M docs/ja/faq.rst
    M docs/ja/glossary.rst
    M docs/ja/import_export.rst
    M docs/ja/index.rst
    M docs/ja/intro.rst
    M docs/ja/make.bat
    M docs/ja/other.rst
    M docs/ja/privileges.rst
    M docs/ja/require.rst
    M docs/ja/setup.rst
    M docs/ja/transformations.rst
    M docs/ja/user.rst
    M docs/ja/vendors.rst
    M docs/ka/Makefile
    M docs/ka/_ext
    M docs/ka/conf.py
    M docs/ka/config.rst
    M docs/ka/copyright.rst
    M docs/ka/credits.rst
    M docs/ka/developers.rst
    M docs/ka/faq.rst
    M docs/ka/glossary.rst
    M docs/ka/import_export.rst
    M docs/ka/index.rst
    M docs/ka/intro.rst
    M docs/ka/make.bat
    M docs/ka/other.rst
    M docs/ka/privileges.rst
    M docs/ka/require.rst
    M docs/ka/setup.rst
    M docs/ka/transformations.rst
    M docs/ka/user.rst
    M docs/ka/vendors.rst
    M docs/lt/Makefile
    M docs/lt/_ext
    M docs/lt/conf.py
    M docs/lt/config.rst
    M docs/lt/copyright.rst
    M docs/lt/credits.rst
    M docs/lt/developers.rst
    M docs/lt/faq.rst
    M docs/lt/glossary.rst
    M docs/lt/import_export.rst
    M docs/lt/index.rst
    M docs/lt/intro.rst
    M docs/lt/make.bat
    M docs/lt/other.rst
    M docs/lt/privileges.rst
    M docs/lt/require.rst
    M docs/lt/setup.rst
    M docs/lt/transformations.rst
    M docs/lt/user.rst
    M docs/lt/vendors.rst
    M docs/mn/Makefile
    M docs/mn/_ext
    M docs/mn/conf.py
    M docs/mn/config.rst
    M docs/mn/copyright.rst
    M docs/mn/credits.rst
    M docs/mn/developers.rst
    M docs/mn/faq.rst
    M docs/mn/glossary.rst
    M docs/mn/import_export.rst
    M docs/mn/index.rst
    M docs/mn/intro.rst
    M docs/mn/make.bat
    M docs/mn/other.rst
    M docs/mn/privileges.rst
    M docs/mn/require.rst
    M docs/mn/setup.rst
    M docs/mn/transformations.rst
    M docs/mn/user.rst
    M docs/mn/vendors.rst
    M docs/nb/Makefile
    M docs/nb/_ext
    M docs/nb/conf.py
    M docs/nb/config.rst
    M docs/nb/copyright.rst
    M docs/nb/credits.rst
    M docs/nb/developers.rst
    M docs/nb/faq.rst
    M docs/nb/glossary.rst
    M docs/nb/import_export.rst
    M docs/nb/index.rst
    M docs/nb/intro.rst
    M docs/nb/make.bat
    M docs/nb/other.rst
    M docs/nb/privileges.rst
    M docs/nb/require.rst
    M docs/nb/setup.rst
    M docs/nb/transformations.rst
    M docs/nb/user.rst
    M docs/nb/vendors.rst
    M docs/nl/Makefile
    M docs/nl/_ext
    M docs/nl/conf.py
    M docs/nl/config.rst
    M docs/nl/copyright.rst
    M docs/nl/credits.rst
    M docs/nl/developers.rst
    M docs/nl/faq.rst
    M docs/nl/glossary.rst
    M docs/nl/import_export.rst
    M docs/nl/index.rst
    M docs/nl/intro.rst
    M docs/nl/make.bat
    M docs/nl/other.rst
    M docs/nl/privileges.rst
    M docs/nl/require.rst
    M docs/nl/setup.rst
    M docs/nl/transformations.rst
    M docs/nl/user.rst
    M docs/nl/vendors.rst
    M docs/pl/Makefile
    M docs/pl/_ext
    M docs/pl/conf.py
    M docs/pl/config.rst
    M docs/pl/copyright.rst
    M docs/pl/credits.rst
    M docs/pl/developers.rst
    M docs/pl/faq.rst
    M docs/pl/glossary.rst
    M docs/pl/import_export.rst
    M docs/pl/index.rst
    M docs/pl/intro.rst
    M docs/pl/make.bat
    M docs/pl/other.rst
    M docs/pl/privileges.rst
    M docs/pl/require.rst
    M docs/pl/setup.rst
    M docs/pl/transformations.rst
    M docs/pl/user.rst
    M docs/pl/vendors.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/Makefile
    M docs/pt_BR/_ext
    M docs/pt_BR/conf.py
    M docs/pt_BR/config.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/copyright.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/credits.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/developers.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/faq.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/glossary.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/import_export.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/index.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/intro.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/make.bat
    M docs/pt_BR/other.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/privileges.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/require.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/setup.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/transformations.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/user.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/vendors.rst
    M docs/ro/Makefile
    M docs/ro/_ext
    M docs/ro/conf.py
    M docs/ro/config.rst
    M docs/ro/copyright.rst
    M docs/ro/credits.rst
    M docs/ro/developers.rst
    M docs/ro/faq.rst
    M docs/ro/glossary.rst
    M docs/ro/import_export.rst
    M docs/ro/index.rst
    M docs/ro/intro.rst
    M docs/ro/make.bat
    M docs/ro/other.rst
    M docs/ro/privileges.rst
    M docs/ro/require.rst
    M docs/ro/setup.rst
    M docs/ro/transformations.rst
    M docs/ro/user.rst
    M docs/ro/vendors.rst
    M docs/sk/Makefile
    M docs/sk/_ext
    M docs/sk/conf.py
    M docs/sk/config.rst
    M docs/sk/copyright.rst
    M docs/sk/credits.rst
    M docs/sk/developers.rst
    M docs/sk/faq.rst
    M docs/sk/glossary.rst
    M docs/sk/import_export.rst
    M docs/sk/index.rst
    M docs/sk/intro.rst
    M docs/sk/make.bat
    M docs/sk/other.rst
    M docs/sk/privileges.rst
    M docs/sk/require.rst
    M docs/sk/setup.rst
    M docs/sk/transformations.rst
    M docs/sk/user.rst
    M docs/sk/vendors.rst
    M docs/sl/Makefile
    M docs/sl/_ext
    M docs/sl/conf.py
    M docs/sl/config.rst
    M docs/sl/copyright.rst
    M docs/sl/credits.rst
    M docs/sl/developers.rst
    M docs/sl/faq.rst
    M docs/sl/glossary.rst
    M docs/sl/import_export.rst
    M docs/sl/index.rst
    M docs/sl/intro.rst
    M docs/sl/make.bat
    M docs/sl/other.rst
    M docs/sl/privileges.rst
    M docs/sl/require.rst
    M docs/sl/setup.rst
    M docs/sl/transformations.rst
    M docs/sl/user.rst
    M docs/sl/vendors.rst
    M docs/sq/Makefile
    M docs/sq/_ext
    M docs/sq/conf.py
    M docs/sq/config.rst
    M docs/sq/copyright.rst
    M docs/sq/credits.rst
    M docs/sq/developers.rst
    M docs/sq/faq.rst
    M docs/sq/glossary.rst
    M docs/sq/import_export.rst
    M docs/sq/index.rst
    M docs/sq/intro.rst
    M docs/sq/make.bat
    M docs/sq/other.rst
    M docs/sq/privileges.rst
    M docs/sq/require.rst
    M docs/sq/setup.rst
    M docs/sq/transformations.rst
    M docs/sq/user.rst
    M docs/sq/vendors.rst
    M docs/sv/Makefile
    M docs/sv/_ext
    M docs/sv/conf.py
    M docs/sv/config.rst
    M docs/sv/copyright.rst
    M docs/sv/credits.rst
    M docs/sv/developers.rst
    M docs/sv/faq.rst
    M docs/sv/glossary.rst
    M docs/sv/import_export.rst
    M docs/sv/index.rst
    M docs/sv/intro.rst
    M docs/sv/make.bat
    M docs/sv/other.rst
    M docs/sv/privileges.rst
    M docs/sv/require.rst
    M docs/sv/setup.rst
    M docs/sv/transformations.rst
    M docs/sv/user.rst
    M docs/sv/vendors.rst
    M docs/tr/Makefile
    M docs/tr/_ext
    M docs/tr/conf.py
    M docs/tr/config.rst
    M docs/tr/copyright.rst
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    M docs/tr/index.rst
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    M docs/tr/make.bat
    M docs/tr/other.rst
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    M docs/tr/setup.rst
    M docs/tr/transformations.rst
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    M docs/zh_CN/Makefile
    M docs/zh_CN/_ext
    M docs/zh_CN/conf.py
    M docs/zh_CN/config.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/copyright.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/credits.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/developers.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/faq.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/glossary.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/import_export.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/index.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/intro.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/make.bat
    M docs/zh_CN/other.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/privileges.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/require.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/setup.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/transformations.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/user.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/vendors.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/Makefile
    M docs/zh_TW/_ext
    M docs/zh_TW/conf.py
    M docs/zh_TW/config.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/copyright.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/credits.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/developers.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/faq.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/glossary.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/import_export.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/index.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/intro.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/make.bat
    M docs/zh_TW/other.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/privileges.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/require.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/setup.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/transformations.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/user.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/vendors.rst
    M locale/config.pot
    M locale/copyright.pot
    M locale/credits.pot
    M locale/developers.pot
    M locale/faq.pot
    M locale/glossary.pot
    M locale/import_export.pot
    M locale/index.pot
    M locale/intro.pot
    M locale/other.pot
    M locale/privileges.pot
    M locale/require.pot
    M locale/setup.pot
    M locale/transformations.pot
    M locale/user.pot
    M locale/vendors.pot
    M po/ar.mo
    M po/ar.po
    M po/az.mo
    M po/az.po
    M po/bs.mo
    M po/bs.po
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    M po/cs.po
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    M po/da.po
    M po/de.mo
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    M po/documentation.pot
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    M po/en_GB.mo
    M po/en_GB.po
    M po/es.mo
    M po/es.po
    M po/et.mo
    M po/et.po
    M po/fi.mo
    M po/fi.po
    M po/fr.mo
    M po/fr.po
    M po/fy.mo
    M po/fy.po
    M po/gl.mo
    M po/gl.po
    M po/hu.mo
    M po/hu.po
    M po/hy.mo
    M po/hy.po
    M po/it.mo
    M po/it.po
    M po/ja.mo
    M po/ja.po
    M po/ka.mo
    M po/ka.po
    M po/lt.mo
    M po/lt.po
    M po/mn.mo
    M po/mn.po
    M po/nb.mo
    M po/nb.po
    M po/nl.mo
    M po/nl.po
    M po/pl.mo
    M po/pl.po
    M po/pt_BR.mo
    M po/pt_BR.po
    M po/ro.mo
    M po/ro.po
    M po/sk.mo
    M po/sk.po
    M po/sl.mo
    M po/sl.po
    M po/sq.mo
    M po/sq.po
    M po/sv.mo
    M po/sv.po
    M po/tr.mo
    M po/tr.po
    M po/zh_CN.mo
    M po/zh_CN.po
    M po/zh_TW.mo
    M po/zh_TW.po

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