[phpMyAdmin Git] [phpmyadmin/localized_docs] 5cf1ad: Update documentation to match master

Michal Čihař michal at cihar.com
Thu May 26 16:42:05 CEST 2016

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/phpmyadmin/localized_docs
  Commit: 5cf1addbab709b0f7a08f3abf19ec8dfc02cdc2b
  Author: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>
  Date:   2016-05-26 (Thu, 26 May 2016)

  Changed paths:
    A docs/ar/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/ar/charts.rst
    M docs/ar/conf.py
    A docs/ar/images
    A docs/ar/relations.rst
    A docs/az/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/az/charts.rst
    M docs/az/conf.py
    A docs/az/images
    A docs/az/relations.rst
    A docs/bs/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/bs/charts.rst
    M docs/bs/conf.py
    A docs/bs/images
    A docs/bs/relations.rst
    A docs/ca/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/ca/charts.rst
    M docs/ca/conf.py
    A docs/ca/images
    A docs/ca/relations.rst
    A docs/cs/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/cs/charts.rst
    M docs/cs/conf.py
    A docs/cs/images
    A docs/cs/relations.rst
    A docs/da/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/da/charts.rst
    M docs/da/conf.py
    A docs/da/images
    A docs/da/relations.rst
    A docs/de/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/de/charts.rst
    M docs/de/conf.py
    A docs/de/images
    A docs/de/relations.rst
    A docs/el/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/el/charts.rst
    M docs/el/conf.py
    A docs/el/images
    A docs/el/relations.rst
    A docs/en_GB/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/en_GB/charts.rst
    M docs/en_GB/conf.py
    A docs/en_GB/images
    A docs/en_GB/relations.rst
    A docs/eo/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/eo/charts.rst
    M docs/eo/conf.py
    A docs/eo/images
    A docs/eo/relations.rst
    A docs/es/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/es/charts.rst
    M docs/es/conf.py
    A docs/es/images
    A docs/es/relations.rst
    A docs/et/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/et/charts.rst
    M docs/et/conf.py
    A docs/et/images
    A docs/et/relations.rst
    A docs/fi/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/fi/charts.rst
    M docs/fi/conf.py
    A docs/fi/images
    A docs/fi/relations.rst
    A docs/fr/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/fr/charts.rst
    M docs/fr/conf.py
    A docs/fr/images
    A docs/fr/relations.rst
    A docs/fy/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/fy/charts.rst
    M docs/fy/conf.py
    A docs/fy/images
    A docs/fy/relations.rst
    A docs/gl/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/gl/charts.rst
    M docs/gl/conf.py
    A docs/gl/images
    A docs/gl/relations.rst
    A docs/hu/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/hu/charts.rst
    M docs/hu/conf.py
    A docs/hu/images
    A docs/hu/relations.rst
    A docs/hy/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/hy/charts.rst
    M docs/hy/conf.py
    A docs/hy/images
    A docs/hy/relations.rst
    A docs/it/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/it/charts.rst
    M docs/it/conf.py
    A docs/it/images
    A docs/it/relations.rst
    A docs/ja/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/ja/charts.rst
    M docs/ja/conf.py
    A docs/ja/images
    A docs/ja/relations.rst
    A docs/ka/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/ka/charts.rst
    M docs/ka/conf.py
    A docs/ka/images
    A docs/ka/relations.rst
    A docs/lt/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/lt/charts.rst
    M docs/lt/conf.py
    A docs/lt/images
    A docs/lt/relations.rst
    A docs/mn/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/mn/charts.rst
    M docs/mn/conf.py
    A docs/mn/images
    A docs/mn/relations.rst
    A docs/nb/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/nb/charts.rst
    M docs/nb/conf.py
    A docs/nb/images
    A docs/nb/relations.rst
    A docs/nl/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/nl/charts.rst
    M docs/nl/conf.py
    A docs/nl/images
    A docs/nl/relations.rst
    A docs/pl/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/pl/charts.rst
    M docs/pl/conf.py
    A docs/pl/images
    A docs/pl/relations.rst
    A docs/pt_BR/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/pt_BR/charts.rst
    M docs/pt_BR/conf.py
    A docs/pt_BR/images
    A docs/pt_BR/relations.rst
    A docs/ro/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/ro/charts.rst
    M docs/ro/conf.py
    A docs/ro/images
    A docs/ro/relations.rst
    A docs/sk/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/sk/charts.rst
    M docs/sk/conf.py
    A docs/sk/images
    A docs/sk/relations.rst
    A docs/sl/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/sl/charts.rst
    M docs/sl/conf.py
    A docs/sl/images
    A docs/sl/relations.rst
    A docs/sq/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/sq/charts.rst
    M docs/sq/conf.py
    A docs/sq/images
    A docs/sq/relations.rst
    A docs/sv/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/sv/charts.rst
    M docs/sv/conf.py
    A docs/sv/images
    A docs/sv/relations.rst
    A docs/tr/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/tr/charts.rst
    M docs/tr/conf.py
    A docs/tr/images
    A docs/tr/relations.rst
    A docs/zh_CN/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/zh_CN/charts.rst
    M docs/zh_CN/conf.py
    A docs/zh_CN/images
    A docs/zh_CN/relations.rst
    A docs/zh_TW/bookmarks.rst
    A docs/zh_TW/charts.rst
    M docs/zh_TW/conf.py
    A docs/zh_TW/images
    A docs/zh_TW/relations.rst
    M locale/bookmarks.pot
    M locale/charts.pot
    M locale/config.pot
    M locale/copyright.pot
    M locale/credits.pot
    M locale/developers.pot
    M locale/faq.pot
    M locale/glossary.pot
    M locale/import_export.pot
    M locale/index.pot
    M locale/intro.pot
    M locale/other.pot
    M locale/privileges.pot
    M locale/relations.pot
    M locale/require.pot
    M locale/setup.pot
    M locale/transformations.pot
    M locale/user.pot
    M locale/vendors.pot
    M phpmyadmin
    M po/ar.mo
    M po/ar.po
    M po/az.mo
    M po/az.po
    M po/bs.mo
    M po/bs.po
    M po/ca.mo
    M po/ca.po
    M po/cs.mo
    M po/cs.po
    M po/da.mo
    M po/da.po
    M po/de.mo
    M po/de.po
    M po/documentation.pot
    M po/el.mo
    M po/el.po
    M po/en_GB.mo
    M po/en_GB.po
    M po/eo.mo
    M po/eo.po
    M po/es.mo
    M po/es.po
    M po/et.mo
    M po/et.po
    M po/fi.mo
    M po/fi.po
    M po/fr.mo
    M po/fr.po
    M po/fy.mo
    M po/fy.po
    M po/gl.mo
    M po/gl.po
    M po/hu.mo
    M po/hu.po
    M po/hy.mo
    M po/hy.po
    M po/it.mo
    M po/it.po
    M po/ja.mo
    M po/ja.po
    M po/ka.mo
    M po/ka.po
    M po/lt.mo
    M po/lt.po
    M po/mn.mo
    M po/mn.po
    M po/nb.mo
    M po/nb.po
    M po/nl.mo
    M po/nl.po
    M po/pl.mo
    M po/pl.po
    M po/pt_BR.mo
    M po/pt_BR.po
    M po/ro.mo
    M po/ro.po
    M po/sk.mo
    M po/sk.po
    M po/sl.mo
    M po/sl.po
    M po/sq.mo
    M po/sq.po
    M po/sv.mo
    M po/sv.po
    M po/tr.mo
    M po/tr.po
    M po/zh_CN.mo
    M po/zh_CN.po
    M po/zh_TW.mo
    M po/zh_TW.po

  Log Message:
  Update documentation to match master

Signed-off-by: Michal Čihař <michal at cihar.com>

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