[Phpmyadmin-translators] Why UTF-8?

luc luc at ceres.dti.ne.jp
Sun Jun 16 18:47:03 CEST 2002

Hi list,

Why does the phpMyAdmin need UTF-8 charset?
MySQL does not support UTF-8 charset yet, doesn't it?

>From: Michal Cihar <nijel at us...>
>Changes in translations
>2002-06-14 14:32
>Hi translators
> Since today phpMyAdmin allows using other charset in HTTP and when working
> with mysql. This requires translations to use some charset that won't break
> anything during conversion. Currently will be used utf-8 so translations
> should be converted to this charset, while also keeping current one to allow
>     :
> I converted current cvs version to utf-8 (where it worked) and the result is
> available at http://cihar.liten.cz/PMA-translations/. There is also script
> which does this conversion (sync_lang.sh). So please have a look at your
> converted translation and send me your comments.

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