[Phpmyadmin-translators] for 2.5.4

Marc Delisle DelislMa at CollegeSherbrooke.qc.ca
Thu Sep 25 06:52:10 CEST 2003


2.5.4-rc1 is scheduled on Sunday 2003-09-28. Please send on the translation
tracker a zipped file with the translations:


Marc Delisle


$strInternalNotNecessary = '* An internal relation is not necessary when it exists also in InnoDB.';
$strInternalRelations = 'Internal relations';
$strLatexCaption = 'Table caption';
$strLatexContent = 'Content of table __TABLE__';
$strLatexContinued = '(continued)';
$strLatexContinuedCaption = 'Continued table caption';
$strLatexIncludeCaption = 'Include table caption';
$strLatexLabel = 'Label key';
$strLatexStructure = 'Structure of table __TABLE__';
$strLogServer = 'Server';

$strPrintViewFull = 'Print view (with full texts)';

$strSQPBugUnclosedQuote = 'Unclosed quote';
$strSortByKey = 'Sort by key';
$strUpgradeMySQL = 'You should upgrade to MySQL %s or later.';

$strBookmarkAllUsers = 'Let every user access this bookmark';
$strConstraintsForDumped = 'Constraints for dumped tables';
$strConstraintsForTable = 'Constraints for table';
$strBookmarkOptions = 'Bookmark options';

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