[Phpmyadmin-translators] Re: On line translating system

Sven-Erik Andersen sven-erik.andersen at pkf107.no
Sat Dec 10 03:27:07 CET 2005

Hi folks,

> Would you prefer manual file editing or web based system?

I guess a web based translation system could be of use to new translators
who would find it easier to understand and use than a big text file.
However, for me personally, I doubt that I would use it unless I had to
since I prefer to use my trusted old editor.

> Should be access allowed to anyone or limit it to current translators?
> In case of unrestricted access, there should be some kind of review of
> translated texts by translator?

With everyone allowed access the barrier for getting new people to start a
translation would be lower and that is a good thing, but it would also
lower the barrier for people out to mess up other peoples work. Therefore,
a kind of review of the new translations performed by the current
translator of the language in question would be required. In addition, an
easier way for us "old-time" translators who prefer the manual way to
perform this review would be preferable, perhaps by way of a text file

> Would it be good to automatically commit updated messages to CVS (after
> possible approval) or just provide way to generate updated file to
> commit?

If the “official” translator performs a review/approval of the updated
translations first, then an automatic commit to CVS should be OK, but not
with any un-reviewed updates from a translator interface with full public

Would this system be "generic" enough to make it useful with other systems
besides phpMyAdmin that use similar language files?

In addition, would it be possible to display the translation for the same
string from other, selectable languages? Such a feature could be useful to
those who have languages that are similar, like Norwegian, Danish and
Swedish or Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Sven-Erik Andersen
Norwegian translator

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