[Phpmyadmin-translators] New messages for 2.8.0

Marc Delisle Marc.Delisle at cegepsherbrooke.qc.ca
Tue Jan 24 09:57:07 CET 2006

A release candidate for phpMyAdmin 2.8.0 should be out on Jan 29th.
Here is the list of message to translate. As always, please zip your 
complete file and post it to the translations tracker.

Many thanks,

Marc Delisle

$strInvalidServerIndex = 'Invalid server index: "%s"';
$strInvalidServerHostname = 'Invalid hostname for server %1$s. Please 
review your configuration.';
$strFileNameTemplateDescriptionTable = 'table name';
$strFileNameTemplateDescriptionDatabase = 'database name';
$strFileNameTemplateDescriptionServer = 'server name';
$strFileNameTemplateDescription = 'This value is interpreted using 
%1$sstrftime%2$s, so you can use time formatting strings. Additionally 
the following transformations will happen: %3$s. Other text will be kept 
as is.';
$strProtocolVersion = 'Protocol version';
$strMysqlClientVersion = 'MySQL client version';
$strUsedPhpExtensions = 'Used PHP extensions';
$strOpenNewWindow = 'Open new phpMyAdmin window';
$strLanguageUnknown = 'Unknown language: %1$s.';
$strLanguageFileNotFound = 'Language file "%1$s" not found.';
$strThemeNoPreviewAvailable = 'No preview available.';
$strConfigDefaultFileError = 'Could not load default configuration from: 
$strPDF = 'PDF';
$strPDFOptions = 'PDF options';
$strPDFReportTitle = 'Report title';
$strInvalidCSVParameter = 'Invalid parameter for CSV import: %s';
$strInvalidCSVFieldCount = 'Invalid field count in CSV input on line %d.';
$strInvalidCSVFormat = 'Invalid format of CSV input on line %d.';
$strImportSuccessfullyFinished = 'Import has been successfully finished, 
%d queries executed.';
$strThemeNotFound = 'Theme %s not found!';
$strThemeDefaultNotFound = 'Default theme %s not found!';
$strThemeNoValidImgPath = 'No valid image path for theme %s found!';
$strThemePathNotFound = 'Theme path not found for theme %s!';
$strAccessDeniedCreateConfig = 'Probably reason of this is that you did 
not create configuration file. You might want to use %1$ssetup 
script%2$s to create one.';
$strSQLImportOptions = 'SQL options';
$strBrowseDistinctValues = 'Browse distinct values';
$strStatisticsOverrun = 'On a busy server, the byte counters may 
overrun, so those statistics as reported by the MySQL server may be 
$strViewMaxExactCount = 'This view has more than %d rows. Please refer 
to %sdocumentation%s.';

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