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Just got this interesting mail from Stefano.

I guess it's better if we discuss that on this list... 

I think the idea is fine, but also that we _first_ should
finish the 2.2.0 release before working on any new 
(even if cool) feature. Otherwise we will have 
rc5, rc6, ... rc99 like the linux kernel :)

Comments welcome! 
Swix, going back to school work (preparing exams)

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Subject: proposal
From: Stefano Locati <locati at users.sourceforge.net>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 04:07:46 -0700

i'm a user of phpMyAdmin since long time and i'm 
seeing it improving and getting better and better.

i've an idea about a future feature that i need 
and that i would develop myself and also share 
with others.

it's about db documentation. i'm working on many 
websites projects and keeping an uptodate db 
documentation is a problem. i don't want to use 
commercial tools like the good power designer. 
what i would like is something very simple in 
phpmyadmin style.

i would add another link after the common browse -
 select - insert. A documentation link that would 
allow any person to write information about the 
db tables and fields. 

the next step would be info about relationship. 
this information would be stored in three db 
tables. i would add a button to create those 
tables in the case they were not detected in the 
current db. the metaschema of the db would be 
extracted giving the possibility to just click 
side of a field / table to document it.

i would work on a cvs copy without committing 
until the software isn't good enough for at least 
a test drive. i've experience with php and cvs.

the tables i would add would be something like:

sch_table(name, description)
sch_field(name, tablename, description)
sch_relationship(name1, tablename1, name2, 
tablename2, description)

what do you think about this? i'm open to start a 
discussion phase with members of this project 
about the willingness to include such feature, 
and how to do it.

bye and keep up with the good work

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