[Phpmyadmin-devel] Big bug to confirm!

Benjamin Gandon gandon at isia.cma.fr
Fri Aug 24 18:25:33 CEST 2001

> Olivier wrote:
> >still seems ok over here... (just tested with a few pma-generated
> >dumps).
> Indeed, whith a pma generated dump (beginning with comments)
> containing more than one query (eg create a table then inserts data)
> not using the remove_remark function make phpMyAdmin fails.

Well I find that quite strange. I had tested a bit and really thought 
comments were harmless in sql queries. Well, as nobody had answered 
after I had said I would suppress remove_remark(), I did it.

May be the comments contain ';'... If this is the case, there may be 
no need to get remove_remark() back. (I had forgotten the possibility 
of ';' in comments).

Anyway, if you try to remove comments again, you have to ignore '#' that 
are in SQL strings if you don't want to bring back the # bug (#444279).

I'm sorry but I'll be unavailable through the next week because of 
vacation. Good luck for the 2.2.0-final!

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