[Phpmyadmin-devel] A bit of story about split_string()...

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Tue Jul 17 16:31:50 CEST 2001

Hi Benjamin!

I was really happy to recieve your message because that's me
who grabbed your release a long time ago and
suggested to Olivier to merge it with his own improvements.
Then Olivier opened the phpMyAdmin SF account.
But the url to grab your release were down at the time we've
done this, so I can't found who you are and where to send
you an e-mail.

Now we may add credits for you and your initial release,
great :)

>I saw (in lib.inc.php3 rev 1.1) that you had tried to add
>code to remove comments, but as far as I know, comments
>can be left out because they don't interfeer, do they ?

Well as far as I remenber comments are left out for execution
only. They are still displayed on screen.

>The current version (in lib.inc.php3 1.56) is exactly mine
>(without my comments though :)) except one line that was >added and that
introduces a bug :
>    if($last_char == $in_string && $char == ")")
>        $in_string = false;

>The bug appears if you try to exec 2 SQL queries like that
>(from an uploaded file or directly in the query field because
>both are handled by the same code) :
>INSERT INTO foo(id, text) VALUES ('1', 'I\'m sure that \')# will cause a
>INSERT INTO foo(id, text) VALUES ('2', 'Indeed \'); that\'s the case');

Right :(
The one who did most of the work on these functions is Pete.
He has also build a complete test file you may grab from
the closed bug #421889 at the patch tracker.
He's the one you should talk with about this problem.

>Another thing about fame and celebrity (just joking :)):
>It would be nice if someone added my name in the >ChangeLog

Of course, I'll do it tonight (I can't use CVS at work).

>for version ; at that time I didn't dare adding it
>because the release was the very first unofficial one...
>But it isn't anymore. :)

And that's the reason why I can't add it before. Your fault,
in a word :p


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