[Phpmyadmin-devel] A bit of story about split_string()...

Benjamin Gandon gandon at isia.cma.fr
Tue Jul 17 15:53:45 CEST 2001

Hi everybody,

Well, the version was by me and I'm glad to see after 
a whole year that you included my fixes to start this branch 
on sourceforge.

I saw in ChangeLog (2001-04-28) and in the archive of this 
list (Olivier 2001-04-28) that you had problems with 
split_string() that is now renamed split_sql_file()...

I saw (in lib.inc.php3 rev 1.1) that you had tried to add 
code to remove comments, but as far as I know, comments 
can be left out because they don't interfeer, do they ?

The current version (in lib.inc.php3 1.56) is exactly mine 
(without my comments though :)) except one line that was added 
and that introduces a bug :

    if($last_char == $in_string && $char == ")")  $in_string = false;

The bug appears if you try to exec 2 SQL queries like that 
(from an uploaded file or directly in the query field because 
both are handled by the same code) :

INSERT INTO foo(id, text) VALUES ('1', 'I\'m sure that \')# will cause a bug');
INSERT INTO foo(id, text) VALUES ('2', 'Indeed \'); that\'s the case');

ChangeLog says it's the last revewers are :
- 2001-05-30  Pete Kelly    for #421889
- 2001-07-02  Marc Delisle  for #436108
So what did they mean to do with the line of code ?

Another thing about fame and celebrity (just joking :)):
It would be nice if someone added my name in the ChangeLog 
for version ; at that time I didn't dare adding it 
because the release was the very first unofficial one... 
But it isn't anymore. :)

	Benjamin Gandon

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