[Phpmyadmin-devel] Point in not being able to edit fields ('binary - do not edit') bug - or 'feature'?

Geert Lund - SilverSoft Productions glund at silversoft.dk
Tue Jul 24 20:40:16 CEST 2001

Maybe another point I might have missed...

But both with the current CVS version - and the LV code I'm experiencing
problems while trying to edit a record ie. mysql.user - the first 3
fields - Host, User and Password is marked as char(60) binary as Type
and then I'm not able to edit the values... 

That really annoys me, as I really would like to be able to edit those
fields (and I don't think that its phpMyAdmins job to restrict that)... 

But as mentioned in subject - is there a point in this behaviour, is it
a feature or is it really a bug?

(running on PHP 4.0.6 with MySQL 3.23.39 on RH6.2)

Kind regards
Geert Lund

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