[Phpmyadmin-devel] header.inc.php3 safty net

Benjamin Gandon gandon at isia.cma.fr
Fri Jul 27 11:42:42 CEST 2001

> >
> > If I understand correctly the manual, this code won't work:
> >
> > if (!defined('__HEADER_INC__'))
> >   require("./header.inc.php3");
> >
> > Marc
> However, this will:
>   if (!defined('__HEADER_INC__'))
>   {
>     require("./header.inc.php3");
>   };
> The only problem is that variables defined in header.inc.php3 
> and not in
> the require()ing file won't be visible outside of the braces.

No. Global variables defined in header.inc.php3 *will* be visible 
outside of braces if __HEADER_INC__ is defined.

I made the test and that behaviour did not change through php versions. 
For more information, consult that page about variables scope in php : 

Note that if __HEADER_INC__ is not defined, the content of header.inc.php3 
will be included but not parsed. That's why things will be as if it had not 
been required.

As far as I'm concerned, I would really prefer putting the 
if (!defined('__HEADER_INC__'))
directly inside header.inc.php3 as when coding in C or C++. 

I find it quite a hell to always put such an if each time header.inc.php3 
has to be required (and what if we change __HEADER_INC__ in HEADER_INC or 
whatever?). With a single 'if' in header.inc.php3 the final result will 
be exactly the same.

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