AW: [Phpmyadmin-devel] [RFC] cvs tree split & a few thoughts - pl ease read

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Fri May 4 09:46:22 CEST 2001

hi developers,

my name is mirko giese, i live and work in germany, actual for lycos europe.

and damn, it looks like i am the oldest here: i'm 28. 
i have an other opensource-project, i'm working on phpOpenChat
i work with php and mysql for about 5 years, starting with php/fi and msql
then later going through php3 and now arrived at php4. 
that brings me to another aspect of this project: at this stage its - as far
as i know - full compatibel to php3. that unfortunately reduces the number
of good functions a lot. maybe it would be better to give away the
php3-support (they still have the actul version working) and take all the
advantages from php4 in the next version. what do you think?
to the splitting in to trees: although this would meand more work for every
developer i think thats a good idea. if we keep the development in the same
tree as the last stable product and making the changes for our own, waiting
to the point we have a stable patch, we may loose the advantage of cvs, to
work together on problems. and as i know from other cvs-based projects: if
you wait a long time with comitting, you get such horrible cvs-conflicts
which takes a very long time to repair. 

ok, thats all for me
regards from germany

Mirko Giese
> Lycos Europe GmbH
> 33311 G├╝tersloh
lycos.compunet5 at
mirko.giese at
giese at

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