[Phpmyadmin-devel] New Developer (me)

Korakot Chaovavanich korakot1 at yahoo.com
Sat May 5 14:19:45 CEST 2001


My name is Korakot Chaovavanich, age 24 (about average
:> ).
I am working as an assistant researcher at a
organization (NECTEC- www.nectec.or.th) in the Open
Project to promote the use/development of Open Source 
Software in Thailand. (best suit for for-fun
programmer like me)

I have about 2-year experience in Perl, PHP/MySql,
4-year in 
HTML and Javascript. When I first met phpMyAdmin, I
found it 
to be the essensial tool I use almost all the time.
Now I wish it 
easier to use than Access, even with it web-interface
So comes my feature request (XXXXX), please check it
implimentation (just upload).. I guess you all must
like it.

I can speak only in english and thai(th), so please
use only
english (7-bin ascii :>)...  Now I don't know how to
spell or
pronounce names of our 2 project admins... 
Oliver/Looc ?
My website ? not update for 3 years... 
My resume? only in thai, sorry..
My picture... ok..  in 1998, still quite cute

This is actually my first time as developer in an
team of OSS. But I have help submit patch for
sourceforce i18n
(language auto-detect and message translation). I also
mysql help to MS htmlhelp format. (but they don't
accept it
to be distributed on their mysql website)


Forgive me if I put too many issues in one single

I suggest that we have an agreement on development
and set up a page for development guideline
(on phpmyadmin.sourceforge.net or on project doc page)
Please see a good example in SourceForge doc page.

Now there are too many channels to discuss the
discussion. Should a feature be discuss in Feature
or Developer Mailinglist or Forum or personal(1-1)
We could discuss it in mailing list first and post
summary in Feature Tracker.  

My 2 examples are i18n and permission-checking.

Looc discuss i18n with me using 1-1 mail (not respond
and now he has commit it to CVS.  I think we should
discuss first on dev-mail or forum before commit.
According to XP (extreme programming), we should
have 2 developers looking at the code togeter before
commit. (<looc> sorry for not promptly respone mail)

I have also suggested a guideline for interface design
in the Feature Request. (maybe a wrong place)
This guide (checking for action permission before
showing action link/button) could result in many
features (so I submit it there).   But I could have
sent it here instead.

Other issues (guideline for development) that we must
decide are
- should we go for php4 or still 100% support php3?
- By permission checking, we could check the mysql
  version and decide to provide some features or not
  based on version number (eg. Full-text search on
  3.23.3?+ on MYISAM table type)
- translation could be done with 3 approach, which one

  should we use (define(), array, or gettext) ?
- browser support and javascript. (eg. my inplace-edit
  feature using DOM scripting) We must support IE,
  Moz,Konq. Should we try support NN4/Opera DHTML
  as well?

Some question on currest source in CVS
- I see the config file has change the config vars of
  user/password/onlydb. I am afraid this would affect
  the use of new user who could once drop and run
  phpmyadmin without editing anything (user=root, 
- The language detection code is still not pretty.
  The variable convention such as $notFound and
  function pmaLangDetect is not consistent with
  the rest of php. This is one reason I suggest we
  have a coding guideline (like sourceforge's)

Finally, Thank you so much for bring the phpmyadmin
development to sourceforge. I plan to contribute more
feature request  :> , ok.. more code as well.
And don't forget to check my in-place edit code in
feature request page.

Korakot Chaovavanich

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