[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: New Developer (me)

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Sat May 5 15:17:23 CEST 2001

Hi Korakot!

>Now I don't know how to spell or
>pronounce names of our 2 project admins...
>Oliver/Looc ?

Olivier and Loic (all the characters have to be
pronounced for both of the names).

>Now there are too many channels to discuss the
>development discussion. Should a feature be discuss in
>Feature Tracker or Developer Mailinglist or Forum or
>personal(1-1) email?
>We could discuss it in mailing list first and post
>some summary in Feature Tracker.

That's the best solution. But maybe the personal emails
could be used when two developers are working on
the same feature and have details to talk about. That's
what I have done with you about CSS improvements.

>Looc discuss i18n with me using 1-1 mail (not respond
>yet) and now he has commit it to CVS.

???? I did not submit anything related to this feature to the
CVS yet ??? I'm waiting for your reply before to start
working on this... or let you do the work ;)
At this time, my two contributions are improved language
detection system and improved javascript for collapsible

>According to XP (extreme programming), we should
>have 2 developers looking at the code togeter before
Right, we should. The problem is to know if we have
enough free time to do it...

> (<looc> sorry for not promptly respone mail)
Don't bother ;)

>- should we go for php4 or still 100% support php3?
As to me: 100% support php3

>- translation could be done with 3 approach, which one
>  should we use (define(), array, or gettext) ?
I'm not sure gettext can be used with php3; constants requires more CPU time
to be defined than variable according to some benchings I've done and their
use inside functions is buggy with php3 and some versions of php4; then
arrays seems to me the best solution. But why not to keep the current

> browser support and javascript. (eg. my inplace-edit
>  feature using DOM scripting) We must support IE,
>  Moz,Konq. Should we try support NN4/Opera
> DHTML as well?
I think yes for NN4, as far as possible.
For Opera the problem is not the same: half of the releases
of this browser have crappy javascript/DOM
Ex with Opera for MS releases: 3.? are not so bad, 4.?
are really really crappy, 5.0 -> 5.02 are near supporting
DOM but with importants lacks, >5.02 seems to be
DOM compliant.... but have huge limitations about simple
javascript instructions.
The only solution (which is a good pratice) is to always
test if objet/function exists before to use them.

>- The language detection code is still not pretty.
>  The variable convention such as $notFound and
>  function pmaLangDetect is not consistent with
>  the rest of php. This is one reason I suggest we
>  have a coding guideline (like sourceforge's)

Good idea. I've also found that identation use sometimes
tab characters and somtimes space characters.
Who will work on this? I suggest to use the
PEAR coding standards.


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