[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: MAJOR suggestion

Robin Johnson robbat2 at fermi.orbis-terrarum.net
Fri May 18 18:11:01 CEST 2001

On Fri, 18 May 2001, [iso-8859-1] Loïc wrote:

> Oups, I've made a mistake this morning: I've posted this message to the
> mailbox of Robin instead of  sending it to the mailing-list...

> >- automatically sets correct fonts.
> Have you take into account languages that do not have yet an official
> ISO/IANA code and for witch charset would be 'x-user-define'. It's
> important also because NS4 do not like very much non-european
> charsets: for example, to see Thai characters with this browser you
> have to use a 'personnal charset' with a specific font associated to
> it.

hmm, I suppose some diehards out there would want to implement x-klingon
or i-georgian.

So i'll add support for that.

> >- can figure out the most likely language to use if the exact language
> >support is not available.
> >EG
> >if 'fr-ca' is supported (not plain 'fr'), but the user requests 'fr-ch',
> >they will get 'fr-ca' since it's the closest to 'fr-ch' that is available.
> Well I'm not sure 'plain fr' is not closest to 'fr-ca' than 'fr-ch',
> even if differences are not so important. But there is an other major
> problem: I've been told (by phpMyChat translators) that, for example,
> Chinese simplified (zh) has nothing to do with Chinese traditionnal
> (zh-tw). Then if one of these translations is lacking, the user should
> use the default language rather than the closest one according to the
> ISO code.
Hmm, ok, thats a good point. I suppose that for some languages this would
be a major problem, so i'll turn it off in my code for now.

> >- don't know if sessions are supported on non-UNIX platforms
> > I think sessions are supported on NT, but not sure beyond that

> Session are supported on all the OS as far as I know.... as soon as
> 'register_globals' is set to 'on'. PHP is awfully buggy since release
> 4.01 else (there are many bug reports about this at the official php
> bug database, but no fix :().
Ok, after a little testing, I have seen that getting sessions to work on
NT can be a bit of a pain in the posterior. I have had some major problems
with PHP builds before as well, and it still segfaults on a certain page
of mine for absolutely no reason I can find, and If i restart my apache,
the problem goes away for a while even.
> Moreover they aren't supported by php3...
That could be a major problem.

> Lastly, we should need an other variable to define the cell alignement in
> tables according to the language direction.
Hmm, that one would be worth adding, for the sake of the Hebrew and
Japanese users out there at least.

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