[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: MAJOR suggestion

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Fri May 18 14:46:31 CEST 2001

Oups, I've made a mistake this morning: I've posted this message to the
mailbox of Robin instead of  sending it to the mailing-list...

Hi Robin!

Nice work you've done :)

BTW I've got some remarks:

>- automatically sets correct fonts.
Have you take into account languages that do not have yet an official
ISO/IANA code and for witch charset would be 'x-user-define'.
It's important also because NS4 do not like very much non-european charsets:
for example, to see Thai characters with this browser you have to use a
'personnal charset' with a specific font associated to it.

>- can figure out the most likely language to use if the exact language
>support is not available.
>if 'fr-ca' is supported (not plain 'fr'), but the user requests 'fr-ch',
>they will get 'fr-ca' since it's the closest to 'fr-ch' that is available.

Well I'm not sure 'plain fr' is not closest to 'fr-ca' than 'fr-ch', even if
differences are not so important.
But there is an other major problem: I've been told (by phpMyChat
translators) that, for example, Chinese simplified (zh) has nothing to do
Chinese traditionnal (zh-tw). Then if one of these translations is lacking,
the user
should use the default language rather than the closest one according to the
ISO code.

>- don't know if sessions are supported on non-UNIX platforms
> I think sessions are supported on NT, but not sure beyond that

Session are supported on all the OS as far as I know.... as soon as
'register_globals' is set to 'on'. PHP is awfully buggy since release 4.01
else (there are many bug reports about this at the official php bug
database, but
no fix :().
Moreover they aren't supported by php3...
I'm afraid these are true and really annoying problems.

Lastly, we should need an other variable to define the cell alignement in
tables according to the language direction.
Only my 2 cts, of course ;)


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