[Phpmyadmin-devel] Re: MAJOR suggestion

Loïc loic-div at ifrance.com
Fri May 18 18:31:57 CEST 2001

>hmm, I suppose some diehards out there would want to implement x-klingon
>or i-georgian.

In the case of NS4 and Thai (and most other non-european languages), I've
told the only way is to use the 'x-user-define' charset associated with a
Thai font
face. Maybe Korakot can confirm?

>Ok, after a little testing, I have seen that getting sessions to work on
>NT can be a bit of a pain in the posterior. I have had some major problems
>with PHP builds before as well, and it still segfaults on a certain page
>of mine for absolutely no reason I can find, and If i restart my apache,
>the problem goes away for a while even.

Which release of Apache? 1.3.17 and 1.3.19 for winwin are known to be buggy.

>> Lastly, we should need an other variable to define the cell alignement in
>> tables according to the language direction.
>Hmm, that one would be worth adding, for the sake of the Hebrew and
>Japanese users out there at least.

Arabic users also :p


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