[Phpmyadmin-devel] [SF] 100.000% phpMyAdmin

Olivier M. qmail at orion.8304.ch
Fri Nov 2 15:31:03 CET 2001

Hello. Just got the SourceForge newsletter, and this part is
quite interesting... :-)  


Number of Projects: 28,697
Number of Registered Users: 282,350

Page Views:  1,701,023 ( 24 hour period on 10/30/01)
Files downloaded  300,495 (24 hour period on 10/30/01)
E-mails from mail server: 627,195 (24 hour period on 10/30/01)

Top Projects on this date include:

 100.000%  phpMyAdmin
 99.9848%  Firewall Builder
 99.9695%  PCGen
 99.9543%  SourceForge
 99.9390%  Miranda ICQ Client
 99.9238%  The Open For Business Project
 99.9086%  Python
 99.8933%  PostNuke Content Management System
 99.8781%  AWStats
 99.8628%  MiKTeX
 99.8476%  Gaim
 99.8323%  net-snmp
 99.8171%  jboss.org
 99.8019%  HSQL Database Engine
 99.7866%  TOra
 99.7714%  Compiere ERP & CRM Business Solution
 99.7561%  phpAdsNew
 99.7409%  Back Orifice 2000
 99.7257%  AFPL Ghostscript
 99.7104%  Tcl

The top project (statistically) on this date is phpMyAdmin.  What is
phpMyAdmin?  phpMyAdmin is a tool written in the PHP programming
language (available on a large number of web servers today), which
is designed to assist you in the administration of MySQL databases
via the WWW.  Well-designed, stable and suitable both for new
MySQL users and seasoned database administrators.  phpMyAdmin is
available under the GNU General Public License.

phpMyAdmin is one of nearly 30,000 Open Source software development
projects hosted on SourceForge.net.  Additional information regarding
this project may be found at:

Additional information regarding other SourceForge.net-hosted projects
may be found on the SourceForge.net site, located at:

Well, I guess it's not necessary to make any further comment... :-)
This is just some more good publicity about PMA sent to only 282,350 users :)

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